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How Small Businesses Can Leverage The Power Of Internet

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Here are a few things to consider, to help get the best of what the Internet has to offer., says Ankur Agarwal, founder
Being the resident techie in our neighborhood, people often considered me as the go-to person for advice on electronics. For example: which phone to buy and from where? Therefore, I was quite aware of the need for such an offering. Eventually, this idea took shape as an online portal and Pricebaba was born in 2012. 
It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that our company exists in its current form only because of the Internet. But for the Internet, I would probably have had to rely on scores of people ringing my doorbell every day and reaching out to me for help! We’ve served over 100 million users in India. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve even 1/1000th of that without the Internet.
The Internet provides unlimited opportunities and an unbeatable platform if you have an idea or offering that would be valuable to a set of consumers. Here are a few things to consider, to help get the best of what the Internet has to offer. 
Make your Website the Centre of Your Existence
For us, our website is THE MOST important marketing tool we have. We use our website for a variety of applications including for lead generation for different retailers & electronic brands. We also get a number of inbound visitors organically from Google (at peak over 5 million a month!). Our website also houses interesting research content that we have created, which is quite popular with Indian internet users. Of course, social media pages are important too, but make sure that all roads lead to your website as the trusted information hub for your business.
Invest in a .com
From keyboard shortcuts to names of Internet companies, .com is always the default. Despite the availability of several other domain extensions, nothing beats the branding that a .com creates. In fact, one top criterion when I finalised the name Pricebaba was that I was able to secure a .com domain name!
Be ‘Real’
Have a very authentic online presence. You don’t need to complete with fancy big ventures that spend millions on their website. Rather, ensure that you have authentic information and content about your products & services. Being upfront and honest about what makes your service the best is the way to go.
There are no limits
Once you have established a niche over time, you may want to expand to new areas. Your learnings and engagements with a particular website may help you explore new offerings for that set of customers. For example, our engagement with various SMEs at Pricebaba helped us start a new SaaS venture for these businesses called SahiGST.
The Internet is one of the best things to happen to our generation. Leverage the power of the Internet to fulfill your limitless dreams.