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How to Generate Eway bill via Android API facility


Mobile App for EWB operations :

  • Mobile (Android and IOS) based app is developed for e-way bill operations
  • All the activities of e-way bill can be done on this app
  • Just the IMEI of the mobile number needs to be registered on the EWB system to use the app


How to activate Eway bill generation activity via Android and IOS App from Eway bill portal :

Step 1 : Log in to eway bill portal at
Step 2 : After login at the home page go to tab *Registration* . It is just below the reports tab
Step 3 : Go for *Registration* then *Android*. Now at this step you will be asked to verify the mobile number updated with your GSTIN, verify the number by providing the OTP
Step 4 : In this step, give the details of your android phone (IMEI Number) and after that a link will be sent to your submitted phone.
Step 5: Open the link from your message box and install the app. It automatically takes you to google play Store page. And now you are done. One can use this app, anytime anywhere and start generating, cancelling, accepting eway bills and all these in real time.

How to generate eway bill via Android app : First let us a brief with the menu options of Eway bill Android apk. Your Android app for E way bill generation contains the following :

On the Centre of the page your GSTIN and then followed by these menu options :


Before starting to generate an Eway bill. Let us first learn to record the masters which will be useful before generating an e-way bill.

Masters Creation :

Now since the feeding work is done, we can now start making entries in the eway bill Form. In this section we will be learning as how to fill up the Way bill Form for generation of Eway bill for Outward Supplies. Your eway bill Form would be looking like the following on your mobile screen :

Eway bill Entry Form :

After creating an Eway Bill Form the last step in this process is to Generate the Eway bill Form. After you fill Part A and Part  of the Eway bill Form and save and Exit, the Way bill Form created by you gets saved on your Eway bill portal ready for generation.

Generating an Eway bill : Generating an eway bill requires few simple steps to be followed :

Step 1 : Click on Generate EWB from the menu
Step 2: Now the Eway bill will be displayed to you  with details such as Document Number and Document date, other party GSTIN and Value and with a generate tab on the right hand corner
Step 3 : Click on the generate button and your Eway bill is ready to be printed.

An eway bill consists of 12 Digits number along with Part A and Part B Details filed by us. It also contains an QR Code on the top left hand side containing the details of 12 digit Eway bill no and the name and GSTIN of the consignor or supplier, which then has to be attached along with the tax Invoice raised by the supplier before movement of the goods.

Is Tally Ready with Eway bill generation : Watch out for the gst software, Tally.ERP 6.4 release which has the following key features of Release 6.4:

  • Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.4 will identify invoices that need e-Way Bill and alert you if there are any missing details which are mandatory for generating the bills.
  • With a single click, you can export all the information needed for generating e-Way Bill numbers in a JSON format or the Excel Offline Utility tool provided by the department.
  • You will have the flexibility to export e-Way Bill information for each invoice at the time of saving, or for multiple invoices at one go through a report.
  • Upload the JSON file in the e-Way Bill portal. The e-Way Bill numbers generated on the portal can be updated against their corresponding invoices in Tally.ERP 9.
  • You can record and track invoices along with their e-Way Bill numbers from reports.
  • Watch out for Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.4. Make e-Way Bill generation and management a comfortable experience in your business with Tally.ERP 9.

    Conclusion :  In the initial and trail phase of eway bill, one is bound to commit mistakes owing to the complexity the eway bill bears for a first time user. But let us appreciate the motive and the right direction it will lead the whole country as it will make even the unorganized sectors in the economy force to comply with the eway bill rules lessening the chances for tax evasions. Beside it will create good market opportunities for new entrants as it will bring the prices for the products under control. Known for versatility in delivering its product especially when it comes to GST, we could expect that sooner that Tally.ERP 9 brings in mobile module of generating eway bill which could be integrated with the eway bill portal to bring the process of generation of E Way bills in the palm of the users.