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How CODISSIA Put Coimbatore On The Global Expo Circuit

Coimbatore is not just a major industrial city of India, but has also the distinction of being a major stop for global trade exhibitions.

These events present themselves as an opportunity for the local industries to interact with minds from across the world and become and exchange point of technology, business networks, business practises, etc.

The story behind this facet of the industrial city dates back to 1992, when members of Coimbatore District Small Industries Association (CODISSIA) decided to hold an industrial exhibition in the city. The idea behind the venture is stated by the President of the association, R Ramachandran, who while speaking to Business World said, “Instead of travelling across the world searching for the latest technology and machinery, we wanted to bring the exhibitors to Coimbatore.”

With this mandate, the first of its kind event in South India, ENDEX ’82 was held in which participants came from across the country. ENDEX then metamorphosed into INTEC and is being held since 1988 with a gap of three years. With success, CODISSIA decided to set up its own exhibition infrastructure, In the year 2000 the CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex sprung up in record time. The complex covers an area of over 197,000 sq. ft of constructed area with five halls with a food court designed to serve 5000 people. The cost of the project was 40 crore.

With its own infrastructure in place, the event became truly global. Participants from across the world participate in it today. The last edition saw over 100,000 in footfalls, generating business worth Rs 800 crore. Big players like Hyundai and Isuzu Motors also were there. The event showcases products for hydraulics, foundry equipment, pumps, industrial consumables, fabrication, pollution control equipment, plastics industry, etc.

What all this means to the SMEs in the city, in the words of Ramachandran, is that, “They no longer need to travel to other parts of the country or abroad as the best and brightest come here.”

The infrastructure is also leased out to different events and expos for additional revenue generation. The road ahead also holds investments in this facility as plans for a 2,500 seating conference hall is being made. The success of this facility can be gauged also from the whole ancillary environment it has created in the city. Specially, the hospitality sector benefits from events here as they get bookings from visiting guests.