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Holistic development of young students: GyanLab

Priyadeep Sinha is the 23-year-old co-founder and CEO of ADD-on-GYAN Educational Services, known for its innovative learning module by the name of Gyan Lab for young school-goers.

In an exclusive interaction with SupportBiz, Sinha  shared an overview  of this module   and his approach to  help in the holistic development of  students.

 Edited excerpts from the interview: 

 How did you come up with the idea of starting  Gyan Lab? I have always believed that    a  child’s growth, holistic development  is required.  This not only includes academics, but  also  the personal growth of the child, with respect to  day-to-day activities  and real life. We developed a learning system by the name of Gyan Lab to enable holistic development of students, which uses  a mix of the creativity and capability of  children.

How does Gyan Labs work?

We train students  through  hands-on activities based on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), providing  them invaluable learning experiences  which would be useful  to them throughout  life. Our curriculum is designed in a way that  produces  great results in a student’s real life. For example, apart from academic subjects like mathematics and science,  we also focus on grooming the student  in the best ways to handle money.

What are the unique features  of this curriculum?  What is  its main target segment?

Students between the age group of 7 to 14 are our main target segment.

Our programs are developed based on proper research, and are delivered through trained faculty members. Our main objective is to develop interest among children to explore and experience the joy of learning and implementing the same in their  lives. Our faculty connects with the students on an everyday basis   in this regard. Our curriculum is aligned with global standards, and we  have  effective benchmarking for the courses. We are committed to giving  our students the best of intellectual, behavioural and empathy-based training material, which will help them in growing to the next level.

What is your revenue model ?

We charge  a nominal amount of fees from  students. The annual fee  is just Rs. 500 per student.

How has your entrepreneurial journey been so far?

We started our initiative  in June 2011, and  2011-12 was our first academic year. We have enrolled 100 students  for a pilot  test, which was  very successful  for us as well as for the students and schools. We are now working with five schools in  Karnataka,  and have enrolled about  500 students.

What  are your  plans for further expansion?

This year, we will be expanding significantly. We will be entering  three different states -  Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. As of now, we have a small team of faculty members, but  within the next three months, we will be adding 30 new teachers.

What are your targets in terms of enrolment of new students and  revenue  for the next  year?

By the end of the next academic year, we plan  to be working with 5,000 students and 30 schools across the country. We  expect to have a turnover   of approximately Rs. 7 crore.