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Here's What Employees Want to See in their Employee Benefits Package

Your success starts with the people you hire

In the business world, there’s a famous adage - “Your success starts with the people you hire”. Attracting talented employees is the top priority of every type of business. But truth be told, in today’s market, salary plus a comprehensive benefits package are both essential for attracting as well as retaining top talent.

In fact, benefits and perks are the significant factors that people consider while accepting a job offer. Benefits can provide organisations an edge when competing for top candidates, allowing them to recruit the cream of available employees, and also retain the really talented ones.

When creating an employee benefits package it’s necessary to focus on what’s important to employees and fresh candidates. Take a look at which benefits are highly valued by employees.

Flexible And/Or Remote Work Options

By far, the most ubiquitous and highly preferred benefit among employees is a flexible work schedule, including the option to work-from-home.

Being able to shift hours to meet personal needs, as well as to work remotely takes care of the much-discussed “work-life balance” and also goes a long way in keeping employees engaged and happy.

It allows employees to bring their best selves to the workplace, knowing that they have the flexibility to integrate work and personal life.

Paid Time Off

A comprehensive employee benefits package would be incomplete without paid time off from work. Today, job seekers hugely value the freedom to take time off, whether it’s for health, rejuvenation  or travel. Disconnecting from work affords employees a welcome reprieve from the daily grind of their work-life, giving them a chance to relax, rejuvenate and return with a new perspective on projects.

Moreover, when employees are allowed time off with pay, it contributes to their retention and engagement and in turn, pays dividends in the form of their health and wellbeing,  and ultimately their productivity.

Sick Leaves

Giving the benefit of sick leaves to employees means they are not forced to choose between managing their health and their job. When sick and weak employees are forced to come to work, it affects their efficiency and productivity. Therefore, employers can use paid sick leaves as a prudent recruiting tool to get access to untapped workforce.

Candidates also want to see parental leaves in the benefits package, which can be in the form of maternity leaves or paternity leaves.

Health Care Benefits

A truly comprehensive employee benefits package must include healthcare benefit coverages, and the easiest way to handle this is to have a group medical insurance in place.

Group medical insurance is the easiest way of providing a comprehensive healthcare benefits package. It is one of the hygiene benefits for the majority of talent choosing a new company to work for - especially millennials, who value insurance benefits.

Incorporating health benefits into the employee benefits package is a chance for employers to show that their employees’ wellness and health is their priority.

Employers must choose the health care benefits that fit under their requirements. You, as an employer, can explore group medical insurance plans and compare quotes from reputable insurance advisors like SecureNow to offer the next level of wellness coverage to your employees.

Employee Training

Another benefit that employees look for is the readiness of the employer to provide them with the resources required to undertake training courses. This assures them that the employer is taking efforts to enhance their skills by sending them to programmes, conferences, seminars, lectures, and more.

Office Perks

Many employees prefer organisations that provide perks that make office fun and enjoyable. Such perks are closely tied to offering lifestyle quality rather than to offering money and include benefits like:

  • Free meals or catered food
  • Wellness programs
  • Board games at work for a quick break
  • Nap rooms etc.

To sum up, among all the benefits mentioned above, employee benefits like group medical insurance, remote work options, flexible working hours are not only cost-effective but also help in increasing employee engagement and productivity over the long-term. By including one or more of the above benefits, your organization can 

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