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Here are Some Ideal Scenarios to Buy a Car [Sponsored]

More than taking the decision to buy a car, deciding the ideal time to buy a car is important. You need to time your purchase perfectly

Also for what kind of price you can buy a car for depends on the type of buyer you are. If you are someone who keeps replacing cars in a year then you can buy a car any time you want. If you are a buyer who uses a car for 4-5 years then you would want to look at the trends and purchase your new car. Here we bring forth some scenarios which are ideal for you to buy a car.

Discounts during Festivals

India is a festive country. We love celebrating festivals. This is also the time when car dealer come out with huge discounts to grab the attention of as many buyers as possible. During the festive season not only is the car on discount, but the dealers also offer you freebies and other additional offers.

At the End of a Year

The months of November and December are the months when the manufacturers and dealers have their sale quotas to complete. During this time you have a better chance to get a good deal on your car.

New Model Launch

If you wish to buy a specific model. The ideally you should wait for the launch to happen. Wait for the launch to happen after the model is announced. Also when a new model is launched, the prices of the older model see a drop as the dealer needs to sell them off before the launch of a new model.

Replacing an Old Car with a New One

When your old car is at a stage that it needs replacement, that’s when you can buy your new car. You can exchange your old car when buying a new one. This can help you get a good cut on the price.


Once you have decided the ideal time for you to buy a car, the next step is to think about the cost involved. Whether it is a new car or a used one, it demands a huge amount of money. For many people, spending such an amount for a purchase is stressful. So what do you do? You can get a personal loan to buy the car. A personal loan is different from a traditional new car loan or used car loan. It is easier to take a personal loan than to invest time in the long process of a car loan. Here we list a few benefits of taking a personal loan to buy a car.


Online Process

The process to avail a personal is now completely online. You can avail a personal loan from the comforts of your house by just visiting the lender’s website or downloading their mobile app.

Same Day Approval and Disbursal

As the process is digital the details are verified an approved in minutes. Once the approval is done you get the money disbursed in your account on the same day.

The Car is Not Hypothecated

When you take a personal loan for your car, it is not owned by the lender. There is no hypothecation because a personal loan is an unsecured loan and does not require you to keep collaterals.

No Car Documents Required

A lender will only ask you for standard documents like the identification documents, bank details etc. As the lenders do not ask you for the reason for the loan, you do not have to submit any car papers.

Covers the Cost of Accessories

If you wish to add more accessories or additional features in your car, the cost for these is charged separately from the original price of the car. You can avail a personal loan for a larger amount than the price of the car and incur these charges.


Avail a personal loan to buy your car and also select a proper time for the purchase. If these two aspects are taken into consideration, then the car you buy is a good investment for you.