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Govt. to propose financial concession for MSMEs to boost exports

In a bid to invigorate exports within the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), the Finance Ministry is going to propose a number of tax relief measures, based on the recommendation of an inter-ministerial committee, in the upcoming winter session of the Parliament, reports Business Standard.

The several concessions on taxes will be applicable for a period of five years initially for the MSMEs who contribute more than 40 per cent in India’s overall economy.

The highlights of the proposals to be made are,

·         The profit of the export will be taxed at 10-15 per cent instead of the usual corporate tax rate of 45-50 per cent. The Government may otherwise allow 100 per cent export turnover or profit deduction and deduction of expenditure related to development of export market and sales excluding export sales commission. However, the industry has requested a 200 per cent deduction.

·         The Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme (CLCSS), providing subsidy or funds to upgrade machinery in small scale industries, may be hiked from Rs 1 crore to Rs 5 crore. Also the subsidy may be increased per head from 15 to 25 per cent of the actual loan amount. It may be extended to infrastructure and common effluent treatment plants (CETPs) as well.

·         As per a suggestion made by the industry, all engineering, chemicals and plastic units could be levied 0.1 per cent on the production to ensure sustained financial support.

·         The ministry is formulating duty drawback rates for certain export products which presently do not enjoy the relaxation.

·         To ensure quick refund and rebates, the Government is going to make processes like Cenvat payment of drawback, refund of excise duties, Value Added Taxes (VAT) etc. electronic.  

Besides, the Government is going to address issues like availability and cost of credit including foreign credit, export marketing support, skill development through labour law etc.


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私たちの前にある任務を謙虚に受け止め、ここに立っているあなたの方から与えられた信頼に感謝し、我々の先祖によって犠牲に心を留めます。私はブッシュ大統領に感謝し、我々の国への彼のサービスのために-(拍手)だけでなく、寛大さと協力を通して、彼はこの遷移を示している。40人のアメリカ人の現在の大統領の宣誓をしました。言葉の繁栄と平和の上げ潮時に話されていました。それでも、時々、誓いの中に村雲と激しい 嵐です。これらの瞬間に、アメリカ  ででなく単に高官らのスキルや視力のために行われた、しかし、我々は、人々のために、我々の先祖と我々の創立文書への真の理想に忠実であった。これまでがそうであったように、この世代のアメリカ人でなければならない。我々は、危機の最中にあることは十分理解されている。我が国は暴力と憎悪の広範なネットワークを相手に戦争を行っている。我々の経済を弱体化し、