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'Entrepreneurship is a critical attitude'

The mindset of today’s professionals is changing. They are no more interested in getting a degree or a certificate, but in enhancing their knowledge and personality. However, there is a dearth of quality courses that enable entrepreneurs to do so. Sunstone Business School, considering this an opportunity, has ventured into offering management studies for technology professionals.

In an exclusive interaction with SupportBiz, Dinesh Singh, Program Head of Sunstone Business School, spoke about the trends in advanced education for professionals and the importance of a sense of entrepreneurship among professionals.

Edited excerpts from the interview:

What is the current scenario of advanced education for professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs in India?   

There are very few effective options available for advanced business management learning for experienced professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Usually, either the professional has to leave his/her job and join some overseas university for advanced studies. However, the cost of this would be very high.

The other option available is part-time courses. These courses are designed for the convenience of the enrolled professionals, and very less real knowledge can be acquired. This option, hence, does not give satisfactory results to those who want to really enhance their knowledge and experience in order to grow in their respective career paths.

There are hardly any courses available to help develop entrepreneurship. According to me, entrepreneurship is an attitude that all professionals must have.

What is the key attraction of Sunstone Business School? What is the value that you offer professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs?

We are focused on technology professionals. The idea is to strengthen entrepreneurial attitude among professionals. We have found that the technology industry is facing a crunch of decision-makers. Only 5% of the corporate professionals are actually making decisions, while the remaining 95% are just working on those decisions. In order to enhance the overall decision-making scenario, we focus on developing a sense of entrepreneurship among working professionals.

Sunstone Post Graduate Program in Management is accepted by the industry, globally. This is a high-quality program specifically designed for working professionals currently in technology-centric roles or industries. Our learning process is different from conventional ones. We take real-world problem situations and solve them with management concepts. This provides a very effective learning experience, and the students, who are professionals themselves, can easily associate themselves with the whole situation.  Our program involves  really high-value interactions between seasoned faculty and students.

How has the acceptance of this new learning methodology been among professionals?

This new training structure has received tremendous response, as it has provided students flexibility and has become a platform for the application of innovative thinking for problem-solving, while internalizing core concepts.

We started our operations in 2010. The initial days went into back-end preparations, and in 2011, we started enrolling students. I must say that within 2 years of our inception, we have become the top choice for management education for technology professionals. So far, around 100 students have enrolled into our program.

How do you ensure the quality of students enrolling in your program ?

Our selection criteria are very stringent. We invite applications, then take a couple of rounds of interviews before admitting a professional into the course. After the admission process, the real hard work begins. We ensure that the quality of students remains the best, so we follow very strict learning processes. Non-serious enrolled people may find it very difficult to complete the course successfully.  Hence, the pass-outs from our course are considered the best in quality.

What are your expansion plans and expectations?

We started from Delhi-NCR, with Noida as our direct presence. This year, we have also forayed into Pune. Our plan is to enter Bangalore in the next one year. We are looking at a slow and sturdy expansion. We will strengthen our presence in each location before moving to the next location. In the coming academic year, we expect to enrol 150 students. This figure is expected to reach around 400 students in the next three years or so.