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Crownit Unveils Merchant App To Empower Merchant Partners

Streamlines the process of viewing, approving and rejecting bills on its platform
Crownit has announced the launch of its merchant app that will make the process of viewing, approving and rejecting bills extremely simple. Built for on-the-go accessibility, the app will allow merchants to manage the business at their outlets conveniently and efficiently.
With the Crownit merchant app, merchants can now verify bills and packages in real time as well as get detailed insights into the customers’ profile such as average spending power, preferred products etc. A comprehensive outlet for information and traffic such as incoming bills, check-ins and visits will also be made available to the merchants, who can promptly redeem valid vouchers for eligible Crownit users at the touch of a button.
Speaking on the launch, Sameer Grover, Founder Crownit, commented, “After having changed the way consumers and businesses interacted through our platform, we also wanted to enhance the merchant experience by making their outlet management simpler. The launch of our merchant app will help in simplifying the merchant billing processes and will empower them with valuable insights into consumer purchase behaviour for driving more business. We will now be looking at future additions to the app which will add more value to our merchant partners.”
Several other improvements on the Crownit merchant app are also in the pipeline to further improve the merchant experience. Crownit is looking to enable features such as invoice viewing, bill payments, customer review-based ranking and areas of improvement on the newly launched app. Other interesting data points such as the number of Crownit customers in nearby regions, most ordered dish/packages, and most searched items are expected to be made available to the merchants in the future, along with the ability to push offers for end-consumers through the app.