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BJP Urges Rollback Of T2 Plan In Delhi

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New Delhi: BJP's candidate from Chandni Chowk, Harsh Vardhan, has sought a roll back of the proposed T2 plan, saying it could push Delhi traders to move to the neighboring states of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.

Under the said plan, traders are required to furnish details of invoices and receipts in respect of all goods purchased or received by them.

Vardhan has appealed to Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung to immediately issue an order cancelling the 'T2 plan', stating that if nothing is done, the norm will automatically come into effect on April 1, 2014.

"The T2 plan will not generate revenue, but breed corruption. As an MLA, I pressured the Sheila Dikshit government which came up with this plan to put off its implementation for two years.

"That is why, it was kept in limbo till March 31. Now, there is no government in Delhi, which I fear the bureaucracy will take advantage of for pecuniary interests," Vardhan claimed, adding that, "I demand a complete rollback of T2."

He was speaking at a meeting of the Kirana Committee Delhi on Sunday. According to a BJP release, Vardhan claimed that if elected to power, the party under Narendra Modi's leadership would "introduce a single-window tax system and invoke the original VAT idea."

He further promised that if elected as an MP, he would lobby for the creation of a new central ministry for internal or domestic trade. "If there can be a labour ministry, a shipping ministry, an MSME ministry, etc. Why should domestic trade be left out? This sector contributes more than 23 percent of the GDP and is seeing an annual growth of more than 15 percent.

"But traders face diverse problems thanks to inspector raj and government indifference. Besides, there is a need to harmonise the rules and regulations of all the states so that nation-wide movement of goods is speeded up and consumers benefit," he said at the meeting.