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Amritsar turns to cow-dung cakes for cooking

The hike in LPG cylinder prices has forced people in Amritsar to use biogas for cooking, an attempt to cut down on their monthly expenditure. The shift has helped residents in rural areas who are now making money selling cow-dung cakes.

The central government recently announced that prices of gas cylinders would be hiked if one buys more than six cylinders in a year.

“We have created a big stock of cow-dung cakes in our house, as there has lately been a major increase in the demand for them in nearby areas. People living on the outskirts of the city and in rural areas have, once again, turned to cow-dung cakes as fuel for cooking,” said Satnam Singh, a dairy owner.

“We cannot afford to buy a cylinder for Rs. 850, so we have started using cow-dung cakes. We have not stopped using LPG cylinders completely, but have reduced our usage in order to save money,” said Pratap Singh, a shopkeeper.

“Cow-dung cakes are available for about Rs.2 per piece. Using cow-dung cakes as fuel is the only option left for us, as prices of wood have also been increased,” Singh said.

“We have installed a biogas plant on our terrace, where we put in 2 kg. of vegetable waste to get sufficient cooking gas to cook food for 6 members of a family, every day,” said Sukhwant Singh, a businessman.

“I think many will start adopting similar methods if the prices of LPG continue to increase,” he said.