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Amritsar’s metal units flush with temple orders

Small metal units -- manufacturing utensils, idols and metal carvings for doors -- in Amritsar, home to the famous Golden Temple, are profitable despite rising production costs.

These units specialize in metal products used in temples – an evergreen market in India, according to local manufacturers.

In Amritsar, the ‘Pandeyan wala Bazaar’ (market) is where the metal works industry is located, housing over a 100 small units. “The market is always filled with customers who either place orders for carved metal items or buy ready made products,” said Radhe Shyam, an artisan who has been in this business for over 15 years.

“The ‘Pandeyan wala Bazaar’is over a century old. Utensils made from brass, copper, silver, aluminum and steel; and carved metal items are all,” said Shyam.

“People come from across north India place orders for metal-based domes for temples and gurudwaras,;metal idols of gods and goddesses; snakes; and carved doors for temples. This keeps us busy throughout the year. Locals also visit the market to buy utensils for their homes,” said Jasmeet Singh, another artisan whose entire family is in the same profession.

“The golden leaves fitted on the walls of the Golden temple and Durgiana Mandir were also made here in this market,” said Singh.

“The prices of metals and labour costs have significantly gone up. We have to adjust the prices of our products and artwork accordingly. People are ready to pay for this art form. The associations of various temples also approach us,” said Ravi Kumar.

“We are making good profits with god’s grace. The almighty helps us with customers. But there is no support from the government. Our work can be more popular if the government supports us. It is a well-known industry of the city,” said Kumar.