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7 Parts in Your Bike No Insurance Will Cover

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When it comes to purchasing a bike, we find it extremely difficult to zero down on the one we would like to own. We check out different models from various manufacturers and factor in all the features before finalising which one suits us the best.

Once we take our brand-new bike out of the showroom and ride it on the roads, we expose it to various kinds of risks such as theft and natural as well as man-made calamities. We purchase bike insurance to ensure that our bike is safe and secure on the roads.

While bike insurance is something we don’t pay much attention to, it can be of immense value. Very often, we realise this value only when we file a claim. Do you know that the insurer is not liable to pay any expenses if an accident was caused when the rider was intoxicated?

There are different parts of your bike that are not covered under bike insurance as well as some situations in which the insurer might not be liable to pay any expenses. Let’s find out which are the parts not covered under motorcycle insurance.

The exclusions under a bike insurance plan:

  1. Oil Leakage

You should always be very vigilant about oil and fluid leakage in your motorcycle. Because oil leakage and damage related to the same isn’t covered under motorcycle insurance.

  1. Brake Pads, Tires and Other Rubber Parts

Most rubber parts are susceptible to wear and tear with daily usage and hence, aren’t covered under bike insurance.

  1. Engine Failure Due to Mechanical Issues

If the engine of the bike breaks down due to mechanical issues, the insurer won’t be liable to pay any expenses incurred, and you will have to pay for all the expenses yourself.

  1. Electrical Breakdown

If the bike breakdowns due to electrical issues or a fault with the wiring, insurance will not cover it. This includes any fuse related issues as well.

  1. Transmission system

The bike insurance plan does not cover damage to the clutch plate, chain, shaft, etc. unless the damage is accidental.

  1. Accessories

Most bike insurance plans don’t provide coverage for loss of accessories. Therefore, take good care of your bike accessories as the insurance plan isn’t going to cover any damage, theft or loss.

  1. Normal Wear and Tear

Usual wear and tear and natural ageing of the motorbike aren’t covered under insurance. Hence, you should take good care of your bike and ride it responsibly.

While you need to take proper care of these parts and make sure they last long (as the insurance doesn’t cover them), some of these things might be covered by the insurance if they are damaged in an accident.

Other Situations Under Which the Insurance Won’t Cover Any Damages Are:

  • Pillion Riders: Bike insurance plans usually don’t provide coverage for pillion riders. However, some insurers offer add-ons that provide personal accident coverage for pillion riders.
  • Negligence: If the bike was being used otherwise than in accordance with limitations, it is negligence on the part of the rider and any expenses incurred won’t be covered by insurance.
  • Driving under the influence: Expenses incurred as a result of riding under the influence of intoxicants such as alcohol, sedatives or drugs, i.e., in a state of intoxication, aren’t covered under insurance.

What are You Covered For?

If you’re confused about what you can claim if these many things aren’t covered, let’s help you with that too. If your bike’s been in an accident, stolen, damaged or vandalised while parked, you can raise a claim with your insurer.

However, it’s vital to gather as much information as possible while making an insurance claim. In cases of accident, theft or vandalism, you should always keep a record of your dealings with the third party, your FIR number, etc. This information can then be passed onto your insurer, which will help them with the claim process.

How to File a Claim?

After an accident or any other unfortunate incident, you should call your insurer to claim the insurance. Also, file an FIR with the police in case of any damage to property or injury to a person caused due to your vehicle.

The insurance company will help you take the damaged vehicle to the nearest service centre to assess the vehicle. Thereafter, the service centre shall perform repairs on the vehicle, and the insurer will bear all the expenses, and you will be liable to bear expenditures that are not covered by the insurance policy.