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What should you pack for a business conference?

A business conference can be of great value to a small business, in terms of the networking and knowledge that it offers access to. It is crucial for you, as a small business owner, to be well prepared in order to derive maximum value from a conference that you are attending. Here is a guide to the right things to pack for a business conference.


Carry a copy of the conference itinerary, listing the different sessions that will be held and the speakers at each of them. This will help you plan in advance as to which sessions you would like to attend, and which ones to avoid.

Travel documents

In case you need to travel out of your city for the conference, ensure that you are carrying all the documents that you will need for travel, such as train/flight tickets, passport (if applicable), hotel reservation slips (if any), and documents for identification. Do not forget to carry the receipt for the conference registration fee that you paid.

You might also want to carry information about the place you are visiting – such as a list of the cab operators in the area and their phone numbers, a list of hotels and their phone numbers and other important tourist information.

Clothing and personal belongings

Plan for clothing that you will carry depending on the duration of the conference. Ensure that you have clean, formal clothing to wear for all the sessions of the conference that you plan to attend. Also, make sure that you carry any other personal belongings that you might need during your stay – such as medicines, books, cosmetics and the like.

Contact list

It is a good idea to carry a list of the names and phone numbers of people whom you might need to contact during your travel or your stay for the conference. For instance, the people you would meet at the conference, the organiser/s and the hotel where you are booked.

Cell phone and camera charger

Do not forget to carry cell phone chargers, laptop chargers, and camera chargers.

Business cards

Ensure that you carry several sets of business cards with you, so that you can hand them over to people you meet at the conference. Do not forget this great aid to networking and marketing your business.

Promotional materials

Do not forget to carry any other promotional materials for your business that you think might come in handy at the conference. For instance, brochures depicting your products and / or services.