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Twelve tips to beat work stress

Being an entrepreneur is a stressful job. Here are some tips that you, as a small business owner, can use to beat workplace stress.

Carve out family time

Ensure that you carve time out of your busy schedule for your family and friends. There is nothing like a little time spent with your near and dear ones to bust your work stress.

Start your day right

Prepare for your work day the night before, to ensure minimal stress. Keep your schedule for the next day ready well in advance and plan ahead. Start your work day with something that you like – maybe a little music or reading a joke – to set you in the right mood for the rest of the day.


Take time out to talk to your colleagues about both personal and professional matters. Be friendly with them. Go on a lunch or dinner with your colleagues once in a while.

Celebrate occasions

Celebrating occasions like festivals in the office with your colleagues can take away a huge chunk of your work stress. It is a good idea to have an impromptu pizza-and-coke party in office just for a change, too.

Stay fit

Sleeping well, eating healthy food, exercising and meditating will help you keep fit, and take away a lot of your work stress.

Learn to delegate

You cannot handle each and every activity of your business alone. Learn to delegate at least some part of your work to the right people at your work place, which will reduce the work load and stress on you.

Be accepting

Learn to be accepting of mistakes – your own and those of your colleagues. Learn to accept changes in circumstances graciously. This will save you a lot of heartburn and stress.

Plan well

Plan your business activities well in advance, so as to avoid last-minute rush and panic.

Take breaks

However busy your work day is, do not hesitate to take short breaks to recharge yourself. Use this time to take a walk, chat with colleagues, exercise or have a cup of coffee. You will return to your work fresh and invigorated, and be able to enhance your productivity.

Build humour into your day

It is a good idea to build humour into your work day. Read a cartoon strip or some jokes, or listen to a fun programme on the radio or TV, to reduce your stress.

Avoid multi-tasking at times

Today’s busy work life requires that you multi-task, however that does induce a lot of stress. See if you can avoid multi-tasking at times, and concentrate only on one task. Try to disable alerts on your computer and mobile phone once in a while and give your best to the task on hand. Occasionally schedule work time for yourself with no interruptions.

Be positive

Having a positive attitude is crucial to reduce work stress. There are a hundred things that might have gone wrong in your work schedule, but there definitely would be things to be grateful about. Try to concentrate on these positive aspects, and find the good amidst the bad.