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Three popular social tools decoded

Social media marketing is crucial to growing your business these days. It helps your reach audiences and potential clients / customers cost-effectively. Here is a glimpse into how three popular social tools can help you grow your small business:


Over 50 million people in India use Facebook or FB. A majority of all FB users access the site through mobile devices -- these people check their FB accounts several times in a day, making FB an ideal platform to post marketing collateral. Businesses that are indistinguishable from their brand such as a restaurant can create a Facebook Group. They could go one step further and create their own fan page.

Do explore these FB pages -- and  -- and do watch the video on the FB business page.


Around 16 million Twitter users in India. Ideal platform to engage an audience with short bursts of communication, be it product updates, new releases or just good-old gyaan. A word of caution – do not blow your own trumpet over and over again! Twitter can be put to great use when your seeking opinion. Ask simple questions and watch the fun.


The largest professional network (B2B) worldwide has 14 million users in India, the second-largest user-base for the site. Network with like-minded people; start a discussion around your work; join an existing group; advertise; hire talent…. and most of this can be done for free. Get happy customers  to recommend you; your work because this helps build your / your company’s reputation in the marketplace.

P.S. We do suggest you consult a social media expert to zero in on the right social tools and draft the marketing plan accordingly.