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Ten characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

There are hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs inhabiting our planet. Only a handful go on to become a Steve Jobs or a Ratan Tata. What are the characteristics that set these successful entrepreneurs apart from the rest? SupportBiz tells you exactly that.


A successful entrepreneur is extremely passionate about his business. He is confident of his business idea and model, and puts his heart and soul into it at all times.


Successful entrepreneurs are highly committed to their business. They strive everyday, sometimes day and night, to achieve the best results for their business.


Most successful entrepreneurs are open-minded. They are curious by nature. They are open to new ideas, new people, and new conversations. They love to understand the world around them and how things work, and utilise this knowledge to obtain the best results in their business.

If an idea of theirs does not work, successful entrepreneurs are flexible enough to accept their faults, take it in their stride, and concentrate on the next best alternative.


Successful entrepreneurs might have a team to handle parts of the business, but they are quite independent. They are willing to get their hands dirty, get down to the most minor of aspects related to business, and understand the nitty-gritties.


Being an entrepreneur is not an easy job – it comes with a lot of trials and tribulations, several highs and lows. A successful entrepreneur is highly tenacious. His passion and determination help him ride the tide, both highs and lows, and he believes in his heart that his business will succeed. Confident A successful businessman is highly confident.

This does not mean that he is arrogant. He has faith in himself, his team and his business. He is able to take risks, and handle results efficiently – irrespective of whether they are positive or negative.

Clear vision

A successful entrepreneur has a clear vision for his business. He is able to focus on ideas and projects that will ultimately be beneficial for his business, and avoid distractions. This clarity of mind and focus helps him take even the most difficult of decisions, which are a part and parcel of entrepreneurship.

Great communicator

A successful entrepreneur is a great communicator. He is able to effectively and clearly communicate ideas about his business to his employees, investors, customers, vendors and other concerned parties.


Successful entrepreneurs are highly goal-oriented. They have their long- and short-term goals in mind while taking any decision or undertaking any activity for their business.

Good leadership

A successful entrepreneur is a good leader. He has the capability to lead his team towards the common, shared goal. This is done by segregating short-term and long-term goals.