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Managing Growth

The super-charged entrepreneur wins the race

It is a tough world out there and it gets tougher when you are trying to make it big in life. Entrepreneurs have to be super charged these days to realise their dreams. Here is what you need to do to be a super-charged entrepreneur:

Attract positive energies

Running a business in no easy task. Challenges and hurdles galore. You do not want to be surrounded by people who will pull you down. Rather, talk to people who are eager to help you solve problems. Find a mentor as early as you can. 

Write down your goals

Short-term, medium term and long term goals have to be clearly defined. Accordingly, focus on tasks that help you achieve each of these goals. The easiest way to go about remembering tasks is drawing up a checklist. We suggest you read the book Checklist Manifesto, by Atul Gawande. 

Sleep well; and exercise regularly

The going only gets tougher for a small business. Nothing can beat a good night’s rest in preparation for a long day at work. Exercise, on the other hand, prepares your mind and body to cope with work-related stress. You need the right amount of sleep else you will burnout. 

Plan you weekends

A lot of you will eventually schedule tasks for the weekends. Avoid this. Try and do anything that is not work-related on the weekends. If not, plan you weekends so that you allocate time for work and your hobbies / friends. 


To assume that your mentor can solve all your problems is unrealistic. Some ideas mature only over a conversation. Not everybody is a genius able to run the show by himself / or herself. Talk to people; experts; your competitors if possible. Share ideas and collaborate… the latter helps you get things done faster.