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Six ways your firm can go green

Several firms believe that going green means a significant wastage of time and energy. They believe that it requires a considerable amount of investment, and takes away the focus of their employees from the routine work. However, these are just misconceptions, and nothing could be farther from the truth.

A firm can go green in little ways, in a way that need not be expensive and need not interfere with its regular work.

SupportBiz lists six simple ways in which a firm can go green.

  1. Make changes in your office lighting.

There are small changes that you can make to the lighting system in your office, in order to be environment-friendly. Replace the traditional, incandescent lights in your office with fluorescent lights, which are more energy-efficient. Instruct your security personnel to switch off the lights that are not in use, after peak hours are over every day.

  1. Find eco-friendly uses for waste and by-products.  

Many businesses generate by-products, and all of them generate waste. You can protect the environment by not rashly disposing of the waste and/or by-products your firm produces, but by finding eco-friendly uses for them. For instance, consider donating your old computer equipment to orphanages or schools in your locality. Used cartons from your firm can be donated to other smaller enterprises, which can recycle them.

  1. Go paperless.

Going paperless is another wonderful initiative to go green and reduce your carbon footprint. Do not print any document in your office, unless it is absolutely necessary. Maintain all your records on your computer systems, and do not store them in files. If possible, use eco-friendly paper for printing. If you absolutely need to print something out, use both sides of the paper to do so. Reduce the font size and margin space while printing, so that usage of paper is reduced.

  1. Initiate carpooling.

You could consider helping your employees carpool while commuting long distances to office. Encourage employees living in the same area or nearby to use a single vehicle to travel to work. You could even offer small, monetary incentives to the employees who faithfully follow this. This initiative will not only help your firm to go green, but will also foster team spirit among your employees.

Also, you could encourage your employees to use public transport at least a few times a month.

  1. Stop using bottled water.

Stop making use of bottled water in your office every day, including during conferences and meetings. This gives rise to a considerable amount of wastage of water and generates a huge amount of harmful, plastic waste. Instead, store water in reusable pitchers, from which employees can satiate themselves.

  1. Stop using disposable plates, glasses and cutlery.

Many offices use disposable plates, forks, spoons, bowls and glasses to serve lunch to their employees, contributing hugely to carbon footprint and pollution. Avoid this, and stop using disposable tableware. Invest in good-quality reusable plates, glasses and cutlery, and encourage your employees to use them.