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Six ways to command respect

Ever wonder why some people seem to command respect with their very presence? It is something in the personality of a person that him/her worthy of the respect of others. True respect is never dependent on a person’s financial status, social standing, job title or education.

Here are six ways by which you, as an entrepreneur, can earn respect.

Be genuine

Always project yourself as who you really are, and be at your genuine best behaviour.

People can easily make out the difference between fake and genuine.  A fake person is commonly perceived as insecure, untrustworthy and not deserving of one’s respect. On the contrary, people respect those who are honest, sincere and genuine.

Be truly interested

Be truly interested in other people, learning about them and what they stand for. Genuine interest in people will make you listen to them more keenly and actively, and make you command their respect. It will also give you the necessary perspective to get better in your life and work, and be better able to help other people.

Be helpful

Being kind and helpful to others is a sure-shot way to command their respect. Take the time to learn what others are looking forward to from you, your business and your products/services, and help them in achieving the same.

Be assertive

As much as being helpful is essential, it is crucial to be assertive to. No one will respect a doormat, who allows everyone to walk over him/her, and never has any boundaries. Be assertive about what you can do and what you cannot do for others. Do not let anyone over-step their boundaries.

Be trustworthy

Ensure that you are worthy of being entrusted with people’s confidences; this will help you gain immense respect. Never use someone’s personal failings or fears to get something done professionally; that will only serve to lower yourself in the eyes of people. Never gossip, and discuss your employees in office with other employees.

Also, ensure that you are trustworthy in terms of the products/services that you offer. Prove to your vendors/customers that you are capable of delivering orders/payments on time, and are honest in your dealings.

Be open

Be open to learning constantly. Be generally curious, and learn as much as you can about your chosen field and the world around you. Be up-to-date on the trends prevailing in the industry, what your customers and vendors want, and what your customers are doing. Be ready to offer help or guidance on your subject of expertise when people need it.