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Six tips to sleep well while travelling

Business travel can be quite stressful. Long hours spent on flights, eating on the go, long meetings, reaching hotels and meeting places on time, sleeping in strange hotel rooms - all of this can be pretty tough on your system.

A good night's sleep can go a long way towards ensuring that your health is not affected during a hectic travel schedule.

SupportBiz presents six simple tips to help you sleep better while travelling.

Choose your room wisely

Give a lot of thought to choosing the hotel room you will stay in during your travel. Steer clear of rooms that are near the lobby, breakfast area, the elevator or a vending machine, as they will definitely be noisier. Request the hotel staff to give you a room that is quiet, so that you can sleep peacefully during the night.

Prepare before you sleep

Prepare your hotel room before you go to sleep. Hang the 'Do not disturb' sign on your doorknob. Make sure that the hotel alarm is turned off, after being set by the previous guest. Draw the curtains and turn off all lights before you sleep, if you so prefer.


Though you might feel the need to be connected to your e-mail or on the phone 24/7 in today's highly competitive environment, it is not such a great idea. Doing so might interfere with your sleep. Ensure that you unplug yourself from all forms of communication at least an hour before bedtime. This will go a long way towards helping you sleep better.

Follow your health routine

Travelling can put your exercise and diet routines out of track, leading to disturbed sleep. Ensure that you do not do this. Do not skip meals, but follow your routine eating habits. Exercise regularly. Drink lots of water, and avoid drinking too many caffeinated drinks. Cut down on smoking and alcohol.

Plan well

Plan your travel well, avoiding late-night and very-early-in-the-morning flights as far as possible. Schedule your itinerary in a way that allows time for rest and relaxation, and you are not too stressed out during the travel. Plan to embark a day early on your business trip, or leave a day later, if possible, if it helps you sleep better and avoid stressing yourself out.

Pack thoughtfully

Be thoughtful while you pack your bag for your business travel. Ensure that you pack all the essentials that you need to sleep well - an extra blanket, ear plugs, a sleep mask and any medicines you might require.