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Six tips to make an interesting pitch

Whether you are trying to close a deal with a customer, negotiating for better terms with a supplier, or convincing an investor about the potential of your business, you will need to be compelling.

You will need to make a case for yourself and your business, in a way that is interesting to the other party and instigates him/her into action.

SupportBiz lists six tips to make your pitch more interesting.

1.     Be truthful.

Do not try to hide lack of substance behind flowery language and tall claims, while making a pitch. Most people can see through it, and this will only go on to affect your credibility negatively. Instead, always stick to the truth while you are trying to convince an investor, customer or supplier. Present honest facts and figures about your business instead of exaggerating and speaking in riddles.

2.     Be different. 

Do not bore the other party with long, rambling speeches. Instead, present your business in a manner that is interesting, and which will grab the attention of the other party immediately. Surprise them with something unique, something different, which they do not know. Make your pitch different from the ones which are commonly used.

3.     Practice.

Rehearse your pitch several times before you actually present it in front of the other party. Take help from your colleagues, friends and relatives for this purpose. Practice will help you determine the right tone of voice, modulations and body language for you to be compelling enough. It is not only what you say that matters; it is also how you say it.

4.     Find your USPs.

It is crucial that you be very clear about the unique selling propositions (USPs) of your product/s. How is/are your product/s better than those of your competitors? How can they solve a currently existing problem of your customers? What need/s will your product/s fulfil? It is important that you have faith in your USPs. Only then will you be able to communicate them effectively to the other party.

5.     Be in context.

Before you present your pitch, make sure that you know as much as you can about the person/s before whom you will be presenting. Determine what is it about your business and your product/s that will grab their attention immediately. If you want to sound interesting and compelling, keep in mind this aspect while making your pitch. Do not veer out of context during your presentation.

6.     Observe and react.

While you make your pitch, carefully observe the reactions of the other party. Note the verbal and non-verbal cues that they present. React to these cues as best as you can. Resolve any doubts that the other party might have about your business and your product/s. If you address each audience member’s fears similarly, you will be able to present a compelling pitch.