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Six tips to improve your credibility

Building credibility with your investors, customers and the world at large is a step towards success. The better the credibility of your firm, the better are your chances at growth. SupportBiz presents six important tips for you to improve the credibility of your small firm.

1. Be authentic

Be authentic about yourself, your business and the products/services that you offer. Do not resort to lies and tall claims, as that will only harm your business in the long run.

Be genuine, and present yourself as who you really are.

2. Know the value you provide

Know the value your business and products/services provide to your customers. Know your strengths and weaknesses well, so that you are able to present your good points to your customers and justify the aspects you lack in, in a much better way.

3. Be aware

Take the time to study the trends prevailing in your industry, as well as the tastes and preferences of your target customers. Be more aware of the world at large. If you have indulged in regular research and analysis, you will be able to bring more depth and meaning to your conversations with your target customers and others, and create more credibility for yourself.

4. Quit always pitching for sales

Stop pitching for sales constantly. Do not make every conversation of yours with potential customers sound like a sales pitch. Instead, focus on the value that your products/services can provide them, and how you can help their business.

5. Listen thoroughly and respond thoughtfully

Listen carefully whenever someone is talking to you, and pay attention to their verbal and non-verbal cues. Do not prattle on endlessly, giving them information that they might not require. Take the time to consider well what they tell you, and respond appropriately in a way that answers their queries and allays their fears about your business.

6. Stick to your words

Ensure that you always stick to the commitments that you make. Honour your promises truthfully, and deliver exactly what you had said you would deliver.