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Six tips for a great LinkedIn business profile

LinkedIn is a wonderful platform for building a community of readers, who might help you further growing your business in various ways. It is also a forum for discussions on different subjects, which can give rise to several great ideas. In today’s age of extensive social media usage, a LinkedIn profile is a must for all businesses, irrespective of whether they are small or large in size.

SupportBiz lists six tips for a great LinkedIn business profile.

  1. Use a good profile photo.

Your profile photo creates the first impression about you, as an entrepreneur. It is, hence, crucial that you use a good profile photo on your LinkedIn page. If you are uncertain about what type of picture to use, it is best to stick with a clear, simple head shot of yourself, dressed formally.

  1. Pay attention to your summary.

Pay good attention to the summary in your LinkedIn business profile. Ensure that it is concise and to-the-point and clearly reflects who you are. The sentences that you use in your summary should give a clear picture of your business objectives and vision. It should be able to grab the attention of readers immediately.

  1. Include all means of contact.

Include information about all possible means of contact in your LinkedIn profile, at least your telephone and fax numbers, postal address and your Facebook and Twitter handles. A person should be easily able to find out how to contact you when he/she glances at your profile page.

  1. Link to your business website.

Do include a link to your business website in your summary. Ensure that it is easy for people to find your website through your LinkedIn profile. This will not only add more credibility to your business, but also bring your website more traffic.

  1. Make your headline catchy.

Make sure that your headline is brief and attention-grabbing. It should indicate, in brief, exactly what your business does. Your headline should be such that it induces the reader to read further about you.

  1. Keep it short.

Keep descriptions about the jobs you have held in the past, educational qualifications, and other achievements as short as possible. People should be able to read through them at a glance. At the same time, it is important that they grab the reader’s attention, and convey the right sense.


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