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Six tips to get more productive

Doesn’t every entrepreneur wish he had more than 24 hours in a day? Doesn’t most everyone want to achieve more in a day’s time than they do at the moment? SupportBiz presents six simple tips for you to become more productive, and to help you achieve more every day.

Manage distractions

Distractions come in many forms – colleagues, friends and family, social media, TV and so on. Learn to manage your distractions well. By all means, indulge in these distractions when you can and enjoy yourself, but do not lose your focus and let your work get affected by them. Set your own limits for these distractions.

Learn to say no

In order to get more productive, you have to learn to say no – not only to others but to yourself too. Say no to activities that you do not really need to undertake at the moment, and to tasks that do not deserve the high amount of time and energy that you will expend on them. Say no to opportunities that fall outside your current realm of desires. That way, you will be able to actively focus on the tasks at hand, give them your best, and improve your productivity.

Keep learning

Develop an innate curiosity about the world around you. Be an active learner. Keep learning new skills and tricks that will help save your time, from various sources. Learn about new techniques and tools that will help you do your work faster and more efficiently.


You might want to do a hundred different things in a day, but not all are equally important. Ensure that you prioritise your tasks every day. Do the things that are most important to you first – give them your undivided time and attention. Keep the other, less important tasks for last.

Loosen up

Being an entrepreneur, donning multiple hats at the same time, can be a daunting and stressful proposition. However, feeling overwhelmed and stressed out only serves to dampen your energy levels, cut down on your enthusiasm, and reduce your productivity. Learn to take the ups and downs of business in your stride, loosen up and adopt a light-hearted approach towards work. Do your work with sincerity, but do not take it too much to heart and burn yourself out. Take short breaks every now and then to rejuvenate yourself and return to work with renewed enthusiasm and energy.

Combine your activities

Most entrepreneurs find it very difficult to juggle their responsibilities at work and home, thus reducing their productivity. An effective solution to this is to combine activities wherever possible. For instance, see if you can meet a client in the gym where you work out, so that you can take care of both – your business and your personal health. Similarly, see if you can combine a work trip with a family vacation. That way, you will get to do your work as well as spend time with your family.