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Six tips to be a much-loved entrepreneur

Some entrepreneurs stand out from the rest in terms of the love and respect that they receive from the people around them. Such entrepreneurs receive a warm reception wherever they go. They are liked by everyone, and people are ready to listen to them and willing to understand their viewpoint.

What makes these entrepreneurs so popular? What are the qualities that differentiate them from others? SupportBiz attempts to find out.

  1. They are self-confident.  

Such entrepreneurs are highly self-confident, and have great belief in their business idea and capabilities. They are firm in their opinions and decisions, and do not have a wavering mind. Their body language exudes boldness and confidences in themselves.

  1. They are humble.

These entrepreneurs are self-confident, but at the same time, humble. They do not have a huge ego, and do not consider everyone else to be below them. They are willing to accept and appreciate the good in the people around them. They are ready to accept what they do not know, and willing to learn the same. They are proud of their business and their accomplishments, but remain down-to-earth all the time.

  1. They are good communicators.

Such entrepreneurs are great in communication. They do not avoid confrontations or difficult conversations. They are able to put across their point most effectively, in a way that can be understood by everyone around them. They are convincing in their speech.

  1. They are genuine.

No one can get away with being a fake all the time. People are smart enough to recognise a fake person when they see one. Fake people never garner the respect of others, and are never taken seriously.

Immensely liked entrepreneurs are genuine. Their words and behaviour ooze genuineness. They are real people, and do not show themselves as invincible. They are not unwilling to show themselves as vulnerable, but do not let others exploit their vulnerability.

  1. They listen well.

Entrepreneurs who are much-loved know how to listen well. They are genuinely interested in other people, and willing to listen to their suggestions, ideas and viewpoints. They are curious about the world around them, and are open and ready to learn about it. They give people their undivided attention and do not turn every conversation into a rant or speech about themselves.

  1. They are not always looking for benefits.

Much-loved entrepreneurs are not seeking benefits all the time. Not all of their meetings, conversations and speeches are made with the intention of getting some benefit out of it. They are kind, and genuinely willing to help people and work towards the betterment of the society as a whole. They believe in their corporate social responsibility (CSR), and are willing to put in genuine efforts towards its achievement.