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Six tips to achieve work-life balance

Running a business of your own is no easy feat, especially in case of a small business with limited resources. A small-scale entrepreneur is required to don several hats at the same time, and consumes a considerable amount of time and effort. At least in the initial stages of managing such a firm, an entrepreneur is completely consumed by it, and any work-life balance is elusive.

SupportBiz lists six effective tips to achieve a work-life balance.

Make a to-do list.

Make a daily list of the things you need to achieve in that particular day. Note down your priorities. Focus on getting the things in your list done before you leave for the day. This will help you maintain your concentration, avoid distractions and manage your work time better. Spend the rest of the time with your family and friends, or pursuing your passions.

Travel only when necessary.

There is no doubt that travelling helps you spread awareness about your business and your products/services. However, keep in mind that not every interaction with a potential client needs your personal presence. Take only those business trips which are absolutely necessary. See if the other interactions can be handled over e-mail or telephone, or if one of your colleagues can manage it. This will enable you to spend more time at home, with your friends and family.

Have a cut-off time.

Do not let your business take over your life and all your time. Have a cut-off time by which you finish work every day. Ensure that you switch off your system sharp at this time daily, and leave for home. Spend the remaining time with your family, and avoid talking about work with them. Avoid taking calls, replying to SMSes or e-mails related to work when you are with your family. Do not undertake any work-related chores during your family time.

Do little things for your family during your work time.

If you have been quite busy at work for a while, you could do little things for your family to show them how much you care for them, during your work time. For instance, you could try taking your family with you when you travel out of state for business. You could arrange to have a surprise sent home for your wife and/or children, while you are working. Often, a simple phone call or SMS to your family, when you are working, will tell them of your love for them, and stop them from feeling neglected.

Involve your family in your business.

It is a good idea to involve your family in whatever business activities possible. Ask for their advice on certain business-related matters. Invite your family to get-togethers with your staff. Have your spouse and/or children come over to your office once in a while, to see the way you work. This will give your family a sense of attachment with your business, and stop them feeling alienated by it.

Learn to remain fully present.

Give your best to your work during work hours, and forget it completely once you are out of your office. Similarly, when you are with family, give them your complete time and attention and do not let yourself get distracted with any work-related communication or chores. Let your family, and your friends, feel that they are extremely important to you, during your free time. Do not give them the impression that they occupy second position to your work.