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Six steps to deal with rejection in business

Rejection can come in many forms in the life of an entrepreneur – the cancellation of a deal, not getting a tender, the loss of an important client, a missed opportunity for public praise, among others. Whatever form it comes in, rejection is surely a deflating, depressing experience.

That said, it is a part and parcel of entrepreneurship, and cannot be avoided. SupportBiz presents some steps to help you, as an entrepreneur, deal with rejection in business.

Keep your cool

It is all too easy to get frustrated and disappointed and lose your head in the face of rejection. However, that is not the right way to go about it. Losing your calm will only mean a lack of focus and motivation, more mistakes in work and more missed opportunities.

It is advisable to get over the shock of rejection as soon as possible, and get back to your work routine with your usual enthusiasm and dedication. Accept the rejection, staying calm and composed.

Change your attitude

It is important to change your attitude to rejection if you wish to deal with it effectively. You should understand that rejection is an inseparable part of work life, and might not be a personal attack against you. It could be the result of several circumstances. It would also do you good to understand that rejection could be used as an opportunity for learning by you, and that it is a step towards growth though it might not seem to be so at the moment.


Take the time to evaluate the process of rejection with a rational and open mind. Try to figure out why you were rejected. Be honest with yourself during this process.

Get feedback

You could consider getting feedback from trusted colleagues, relatives or friends about what could be the possible reasons behind your rejection. If possible, you could ask the person who rejected you for feedback. Listen to the verbal feedback as well as the non-verbal cues that people give you in this regard. This feedback will be of great value to you in evaluating yourself and learning the aspects where you are lacking.

Prepare an action plan

Once you are through with your evaluation, you will get a fair idea of the reasons that caused your rejection. Prepare an action plan – a list of actions that you will undertake to improve upon the behavioural or other aspects that you lack in. If required, take the help of trustworthy colleagues, friends and relatives in implementing the action plan.

Reach out

Once you have taken constructive steps towards improvement for a while, it is important to reach out to influential people and let them know that you are improving. You might not like tooting your horn openly, but in a business environment, it is good to let the right people know of the steps you are taking to better yourself.