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Six reasons why jewellers should adopt IT in their business

They may be in India’s tech hub, but just 20 per cent of Bangalore’s jewellers have adopted IT in their business. There are multiple reasons for them of not investing in IT to build their business and serve customers.

The primary one is that they are family run outfits that are contended selling jewellery to select customers within their neighbourhood. However, they now see the opportunity to market their products well beyond their locality and some feel, investments in IT can help them grow their business. Manjunath Nanjaiah, CEO and Founder, SchemesCentral lists six reasons why jewellers should adopt IT in their business.

  • Growth and reach - Jewellers can grow their business by being online and through mobile channel. The ability to be available to the customers 24X7 enables them to do business round the clock and can reach out to customers beyond the geographies that they are currently operating in.
  • New Markets - Jewellers can discover new market segments like NRI customers, HNI individuals and professionals who are connected and open to online transactions
  • E-Payments and e-care - IT enables Jewellers to allow their customers to transact online 24X7 and jewellers can collect payments online. CRM systems can provide improved customer care. Every customer can be treated as a special customer and every sales person can become a smart sales person.
  • Social Marketing -Take advantage of Network Effects of Online Promotions. Enhance your Brand value via easy integration of sharing schemes to users on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. 
  • Demand & Supply - IT adoption enables Jewellers to manage their inventory better and ensure that the designs and products are available once a customer walks into their store
  • Convenience to the customer - In today's scenario where distance, traffic and lack of parking facilities can result in a poor shopping experience for the customers, being online will help jewellers to offer convenience to their existing and prospective customers