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Sharing a home office with your spouse: 5 tips

You are a work-from-home entrepreneur, and have achieved a reasonable level of success in your business, too. You have been managing a good work-life balance so far, but you are now faced with the possibility of your spouse also working from home.

How do you share your home office with your spouse in a way that productivity and efficiency are not sacrificed? SupportBiz lists five tips for the same.

Have individual work stations.

It is crucial that your spouse and you have individual work stations within your home office. Have separate work desks, filing systems and computers and any other equipment that both of you might need on a constant basis. This will help both of you get the necessary privacy and peace to focus, uninterrupted, on your work.

The other office equipment, such as fax machines and printers, can be shared.

Formulate a set of rules.

Decide upon a set of rules that you and spouse will strictly adhere to during your work hours. What will you do about common distractions during your work day, such as your maid servant or your house phone? How will you manage conflicting requirements during your work day?

Decide beforehand on the expectations that you will have from each other for your work hours, and agree upon a common set of rules.

Establish work boundaries.

Set up clear boundaries related to work-related issues with your spouse. Determine in advance the level to which both of you will look into each other’s work or comment on it. Agree upon which aspects of your work are open for discussion and which ones are not.

This will go a long way towards avoiding conflicts due to work between both of you.


In sharing a home office with your spouse, you are opening yourself up to friction. You will be privy to certain work-related characteristics of your spouse that you might not have known before, which might irritate you now. Understand these facts, and keep the lines of communication with your partner open. Be willing to discuss about any work-related behaviour of your spouse that might be disturbing or intrusive to you. Also, you should be willing to listen to and understand the other person’s point of view.

Good communication with your spouse will help you share a home office space effectively, with the minimum of conflict.

Invest in gadgets that help you.

Do not hesitate to invest in gadgets that will help you concentrate better on your work, and give you some more privacy and quietude. For instance, a pair of headphones, a cordless phone or old-fashioned ear plugs.  

These gadgets will help you tune out any disturbances that your spouse might create in the course of your work day, and help you focus more efficiently.


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