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Seven tips to beat procrastination

Procrastination is the enemy of an entrepreneur or, rather, any worker. It stops you from focusing and attaining your goals, ultimately making life difficult for you. It is, hence, best avoided. Here are seven tips for you, as a small business owner, to avoid procrastination.

Understand the cause

There can be various reasons behind your procrastination – your not wanting to do a particular thing, or being unable to find distraction-free time. Understand the real cause behind your procrastination, and try to remove it from the root itself. For instance, if distraction-free time is what you need, try completing the most important tasks first thing in the morning, before the rush of the work day begins.

Restrict distractions

Understand the things that distract you from your work – social media, colleagues or personal work. Limit them as far as possible. Try and focus your energies entirely on the tasks that you have at hand.

Do not be a perfectionist

If you are finding it difficult to begin with certain tasks, and are procrastinating on them, try and avoid being a perfectionist. Try to avoid focusing on getting the best results. Instead, begin the work at hand, and keep improving on your performance as you go along and get more and more comfortable with the task.

Better time management

If you are not managing your time efficiently, you might find yourself overloaded with tasks at one point of time, harried and stretched to your boundaries. There is a chance of procrastination happening in such situations in case of certain tasks that might seem time-consuming, and you are already pressed for time.

It helps to understand that such procrastination will ultimately only harm you, and lead to more work piling up, further hampering you and stressing you out. It is best to begin with the tasks at hand immediately, and plan your schedule better, so that you are able to dedicate a fair amount of time to each job.

Consider delegation

You might be procrastinating on certain tasks if you are too worked out or pressed for time. In this situation, you might want to consider delegating some of your tasks to sincere and efficient members from your staff.

Take breaks

If you are procrastinating due to a lack of interest in the task at hand, it would be a good idea to take breaks while you are doing it, instead of trying to complete it at a stretch. This will keep you motivated and energetic, and ensure that you return to the task with renewed interest and enthusiasm after your breaks.

Create personal deadlines

It is a good idea to create personal deadlines for different stages of a task that you do not enjoy doing, and are procrastinating on. Acknowledge your success each time you meet a personal deadline, and complete a part of the task. Setting small, personal milestones will help you create a sense of urgency and pressure, so that you get to the task at hand immediately without procrastinating.