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Nine tips to create a wonderful first impression

If the first impression about your firm is good, they say, half the work is already done. A good first impression puts customers and other parties in a positive frame of mind about your firm, and they are more inclined to deal with you.

SupportBiz presents nine tips to help create a great first impression about your firm.

Wonderful content

Ensure that all the content on your business website is up-to-date and excellent. Your website should be updated with your latest contact details, staff and product information. Your ‘About Us’ page should provide the latest picture of yourself. Your website content should be grammatically correct and interesting, so as to be able to build an instant connect with first-time browsers.

Great website design

In order for customers to get a good first impression about you, make sure that the design of your business website is a great one. It should be eye-catching, unique and easy to use as well. Also, it is necessary that your site be professional for people to take you seriously.

Pretty up your front office

Your front office is what creates the first impression about your firm to first-time visitors. Make your front office a clean, welcoming and pretty space that conveys your office culture. An unclean front office that shows a lack of maintenance can put off certain visitors from dealing with you.

A great receptionist

Make sure that the person managing the front desk in your office is very friendly, helpful and capable. Each new visitor should be treated with a professional greeting, a friendly tone, a smile on the face, and a request to help.

Helpful customer care

Your customer care executives often provide a customer the first impression about your firm. It is, hence, crucial that your customer care executives are extremely professional, helpful and courteous.

Professional dressing

Though many firms today allow casual dressing, professional dressing is what creates a good first impression about your firm in the minds of customers. Ensure that you and your employees are dressed neatly and professionally at all times.

Good social media presence

Some of your customers will try to find you through social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Twitter. Hence, it is essential for you to have a good social media presence. Even if you do not have a huge fan following, make sure that your posts/tweets are up-to-date and engaging and any queries/complaints/comments by customers have been appropriately attended to.

Wonderful treatment of new customers

All customers are important to a firm, but if you treat your new customers wonderfully, you will create a wonderful first impression about your firm. Extend that extra bit of kindness, courtesy and help to your new customers so that they remember you by it.

Good e-mail etiquette

Often, customers correspond over e-mail with your employees before deciding whether to place an order with you or not. Hence, it is necessary for your employees to maintain good e-mail etiquette. All e-mails should be responded to on time, politely and professionally, and with the adequate amount of information.