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Nine tips to be productive while working from home

Running your small business from home is indeed a fantastic idea in theory, but one that often fast begins to lose its charm when actually put into practice.

Working from home is fraught with thousands of distractions, which can hamper one’s productivity. It is no mean feat.

SupportBiz presents nine simple tips to avoid distractions and remain productive while working from home.

Build up an attitude of self-discipline

Working from home is so difficult because there is no one to watch over you, and insist that you complete certain tasks before you leave for the day. To counter this, build up an attitude of self-discipline. Ensure that you finish a job before you begin doing a household chore.

Make a schedule

Make a schedule for your daily tasks, just as you would if you were working from office. Ensure that you stick to the schedule, come what may. Include time for breaks and other chores in the schedule, so that they do not interfere with your work.

Create an office-like atmosphere

It helps to create an office-like atmosphere at home, if possible. Have a fixed place from which you work every day. Reduce the clutter in this space, and put in things that remind you of working from office.

Dress formally

Working from home offers you the benefit of working in your pajamas and T-shirt, but that can severely impair your attitude to work. It is a good idea to avoid doing so and wear work clothes, which will help you feel that you are actually working and not just at home, thus enabling you to remain productive.

Cut down on internet surfing

Random internet surfing, reading blogs as well as engaging in conversations on social media platforms can take away huge chunks of your work time. Ensure that you limit such distractions as much as possible. The same goes for phone calls.

Work elsewhere

On some days, it can become very difficult to concentrate on your work at home. In case of such events, it is advisable to pack up your laptop and other work-related things and head to a nearby place where you can work without distractions. This place could be a library, a shared office or a coffee shop.

Find a partner

See if you can find a partner who can help you remain on track with your work schedule and cut down on distractions. If you know someone else who works from home, you could interact with that person over telephone or e-mail, and motivate each other to not lose out on productivity or accountability.

Work with someone else

If it is highly difficult for you to focus on work from home, you could consider working with someone else like you. You could work together with other people who work from home, at your home or theirs or from any other place.

Learn to say no

Working from home can bring you face-to-face with uninvited guests, family and friends, who just want to visit or want a favour from you. If these interactions disturb your work routine, it is crucial that you learn to say no to them. Politely inform them how committed you are to completing your work on time, irrespective of the fact that you are at home, and that you would like to work undisturbed.