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Nine things not to do on Twitter

The importance of social media in building up an online community and in spreading awareness about a business cannot be denied.

However, the volatility of social media platforms like Twitter makes it as dangerous as it is beneficial for small businesses. One wrong tweet can cause serious damage to the reputation of a business.

SupportBiz lists a few things that you should not do on Twitter.

1.     Do not automate.

Automation might seem like a great way to put up tweets at healthy intervals of time on your Twitter profile, but it is not really a great idea. Automation might result into the wrong post reflecting on your Twitter page at the wrong time, putting your business in a very problematic situation. Moreover, automated posts begin to sound mechanical after a while, and your readers can very well make out that they are automated. That is a sure-shot way to lose your readers!

Always rely on fresh information and spontaneous posts to make your business Twitter page lively and interactive.

2.     Do not be unaware.

In today’s times, when information is readily available to everyone at their fingertips, ignorance about something is really a choice. Do not choose to remain unaware, as far as your business Twitter page is concerned.

Keep yourself updated at all times about what is going on in the world around you. Keep track of topics that are trending, and ensure that your posts reflect the same. This will ensure that your posts are fresh and interesting enough to engage readers and spark of discussions.

3.     Do not sell all the time.

If all your posts are about your business and your products/services, you will, sooner or later, bore your readers. Do not focus on selling yourself with every tweet of yours.

Instead, focus on putting up posts that offer some kind of value to the readers. Make them interesting enough to grab the attention of readers.

4.     Do not miss out on the opportunities created by current events.

Make sure that you grab all the opportunities created by current events to promote your business. However, the key is to do this in a way that does not seem like hard-core selling.

For instance, if you are a firm publishing books and there has been a storm in your area, you could say ‘Bored of being at home due to the storm? Dial in and order a book from us!’

5.     Do not forget to provide value.

In order to build an interactive community of readers on your business Twitter page, it is essential that you provide something of value to them. Let each of your posts be either helpful, informative or entertaining to the reader.

Do not restrict yourself to talking only about your own business in each post of yours. Do also post about the current affairs in the industry and in the world around you.

6.     Do not hesitate to re-tweet.

Do not hesitate to share interesting tweets posted by other people you might be following.

Do not think that this will detract from your readership. Instead, this will convey to your readers that you are confident of your value and not afraid of competition. Moreover, if you regularly share such interesting tweets, you will gain an increasing number of readers who come to you for the same.

7.     Do not fake it.

Do not put up posts on your business Twitter page just for the sake of putting them up. Do not fake them.

Ensure that all of your posts are fuelled by a genuine interest in interacting with your readers and a sense of spontaneity. Do not post about an item that is trending, just because it is trending. Readers can easily see through this, and they will inevitably be put off. Make sure that all your posts are relevant to the current situation and your target readers.

8.     Do not give up on interacting.

Any social media platform can offer optimum value to a business only when there is regular interaction with the readers. This is key to building up a community online.

Do not give up on interacting with your readers on your business Twitter page due to any reason. Regularly reply to comments on your tweets and retweets. Follow like-minded people, and comment regularly on what they have to say. Ask questions that spark off discussions.

9.     Do not become irregular.

Do not let lack of time or other factors stop you from posting regularly on your business Twitter page. This will only indicate to your readers that they do not matter to you.

Focus on putting up a few posts every day, consistently.

10. Do not overdo it.

As important as it is to post regularly on your Twitter page, it is crucial that you do not overdo it.

Do not post too many tweets in a day, spamming the inboxes of subscribers in the process. This will only drive them away.


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