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Managing the non-core for SMEs

Founded in 2011, Emkor Solutions is a leading player in the Business Function as a Service (BFaaS) category. SMEs need to focus on their core business activities and as such find BFaaS solutions extremely appealing.

In an exclusive interaction with SupportBiz, Vikram Dham CEO and Co-Founder, Emkor Solutions shared some key insights about the relevance of cloud based solutions for SMEs and trends in the industry. Edited excerpts:

What is the status of technologies in today’s businesses?

Today’s business environment is full of competition and business requirements are dynamic in nature. In such business conditions, emerging and medium enterprises are actively seeking opportunities to transform from a people-driven organization to a process-centric organization. This can establish their market leadership.  With the growth of globalization as a trend, building the core of the business is most essential for any business. SMEs are focusing on building or enhancing their core competencies and developing innovative strategies to outperform competition. To facilitate all this dynamic change, SMEs look at leveraging standardized and automated business processes so that they remain focused on their core business. At the same time, SMEs also require best in class technologies with zero capital outlay in technology, process or people.

What value do you offer in this respect?

We understand the challenges that are being faced by the smaller and growing companies. As a global business services company, we offer business function outsourcing solutions to SMEs in a cost-effective manner. By developing industry best practices and leveraging best of breed technologies Emkor ensures scalability factor for SMEs which can let them build a futuristic enterprise. We offer solutions as a service model that allow companies, a quick turn-around time in the deployment and ease of management of the technology infrastructure.

What are the solutions that you offer to SMEs?

It is essential for any SME to focus on their core business; hence we focus on all the business activities which are non-core.  We offer end-to-end business function outsourcing solutions for activities like finance and accounts, IT, and HR. We offer these solutions as SLA-based, streamlined, standardized platform services operating on the cloud. Our solutions make these business processes automated and hassle free to manage. In addition we also provide data insights, trends and analytics to support core business imperatives.

What is the key attraction of cloud based services for SMEs?

In our parlance we call this Business Function as a Service (BFaaS). This is packaged as a pay-as-you go; on demand service delivery model that businesses can leverage to outsource all their critical but non-core business functions. Cloud based model is definitely very appealing and noteworthy for SMEs.

Cloud based solutions allows material and resource management type engagement to all the business critical activities like HR, taxation etc to an objective outcome and results oriented model.