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IndiaMART Unleashes the Spirit of Entrepreneurship

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The new campaign featuring Irrfan Khan will establish IndiaMART’s value proposition of a business facilitator of India

IndiaMART Celebrates the Spirit of Entrepreneurship with 'India ki Khoj' Campaign
Featuring their brand ambassador Irrfan Khan, the campaign connects entrepreneurs to their dreams and aspirations

IndiaMART, the front-runner of the cause of entrepreneurial fervor in the country, is now set to seal its position as the enabler of business growth with its new Brand Campaign - ‘India ki Khoj’. The new campaign featuring Irrfan Khan will establish IndiaMART’s value proposition of a business facilitator of India, by being the platform that powers the ‘Khoj’ for growth, success, ambitions and legacy.

“It feels great to be associated with this brand and its campaigns that have been inspirational to millions of entrepreneurs as well as the buyers in fulfilling their needs, be it business or personal. Through this campaign, I am sure that it will generate a strong impact and encourage enterprising people across the country to come forward and put their ideas into action,” said Irrfan Khan, India’s critically and globally acclaimed Cine Star.

IndiaMART has built itself as the definitive market place for millions of Indians who come searching for other businesses to do business with. The campaign moves a step ahead by connecting entrepreneurs to their role models, who they idolize. The idea is aptly voiced by IndiaMART’s brand ambassador, Irrfan Khan, capturing budding entrepreneurs and their dreams in a short 30 seconds story.

Speaking of the campaign, Sumit Bedi, Vice President, IndiaMART said, “India’s economic prosperity is fuelled by millions of small & medium sized entrepreneurs. We give them the platform to grow and act as an enabler that they can trust. Through this campaign, we will be celebrating the spirit of enterprises found across the length and breadth of India. Thus, we have summed it up as ‘Khoj’, for everything that they are looking for in life. We don't just connect markets with opportunity; we connect individuals with their ambitions.”

The campaign has been crafted by ‘Bang in the Middle’ and was shot in Mumbai. Prathap Suthan, CCO and Managing Partner, Bang in the Middle said “Every entrepreneur and every businessman starts his or her journey to follow a dream. The innate search and thirst to achieve a target, reach a landmark and build an enterprise worthy of the dream in their minds. Our country is full of legends of people who have started small and made global successes, and those stories and surnames are driving forces for a country that's now woken up. They are inspiration to those searching for their own footprints to leave behind. This campaign is a tribute to that entrepreneurial spirit, as much as the earthiness of Irrfan adds realness to the grit of these people”