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The importance of telephonic conversations in business

The art of letter writing became obsolete as e-mails took over. Then came social media – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and the like – and blogs, which are ruling the roost now. However, there is nothing like the good old telephone for a conversation with a personal touch. Irrespective of the benefits and popularity of new-age communication media, telephonic communication has certain advantages.

SupportBiz lists 10 reasons for telephonic conversations never to go out of fashion in a business.

  1. It helps you deal with sensitive information effectively.

Certain information in a business is extremely sensitive, meant only for the intended recipient. A telephonic conversation offers you the benefit of communicating such information directly to the ears of the intended recipient. There is no risk of the message passing into unauthorised hands, as is possible in case of an e-mail or an SMS.

  1. It is ideal to convey bad news.

Many people prefer to convey bad news to the intended recipient through impersonal means of communication, like an SMS or an e-mail. However, that is not advisable. A good entrepreneur should be sensitive enough to use a more personal means for communicating bad news, and not take the easy way out. A telephonic conversation is the ideal mode of communication in such situations.

  1. It is best for conveying important news.

When there is important news that needs to be conveyed immediately, a telephone is the best means. True, such news can be communicated through e-mails too, but a telephonic conversation enables you to answer any questions that might arise immediately, in a much better manner. At the same time, it helps you convey a deeper sense of urgency.  

  1. It helps you avoid emotional issues.

There is a possibility of written messages being interpreted in the wrong manner, and emotional issues like anger and frustration arising as a result. In such situations, it is best to pick up your telephone and have a heart-to-heart talk with the concerned person. Telephonic conversations, thus, help you avoid and resolve such emotional issues.

  1. It offers the benefit of a personal touch.

An SMS or an e-mail might have their own benefits, but they are impersonal means of communication. A telephonic conversation helps you infuse warmth into the message. It helps you communicate with the concerned person in a much more personal manner, which is sometimes necessary in a business.

  1. It provides great value in scheduling.

Back-and-forth e-mails can make the task of scheduling very difficult. Moreover, there are chances of an e-mail going unread by the intended recipient, and an important meeting getting cancelled as a result. A direct telephonic conversation can be invaluable in scheduling, helping you avoid such confusions.

  1. It is beneficial when multiple people and time zones are involved.

When a number of people from different time zones need to be involved in a conversation, e-mails or SMSs will only create confusion, and not get you immediate results. A phone conversation would be much more beneficial in such situations.

  1. It helps you get an immediate response.  

There are chances that an e-mail or an SMS might not be read immediately by the intended recipient. Even if it is read immediately, there is no guarantee that you will receive an immediate response to it. A telephone conversation becomes a must when you need an immediate response to something.

  1. It helps you convey precise emotions.

Emoticons often do not convey the depth of your emotion in a conversation over chat, e-mail or SMS. A phone call lets you convey your emotions to the concerned party precisely, avoiding the possibility of a misunderstanding.

  1. It helps you avoid confusion.

When there are a lot of points to be discussed, or the possibility of a number of questions being asked in response to a conversation, an e-mail will only lead to great confusion. In such situations, a telephonic conversation will help you avoid confusion by allowing you to communicate directly with the concerned people.