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How to write a business thank-you letter

Writing letters to thank employees, customers, investors or any other parties associated with your business is a nice gesture. A well-written thank-you letter, either written by hand or on e-mail, can leave a lasting impression on the receiver, create beautiful memories, and form the basis of a long relationship.

SupportBiz presents to you the right technique to write thank-you letters for your small business organisation.

Here is what a good business thank-you letter should include:

Giving thanks

A thank-you letter should, obviously, begin with giving thanks to the intended recipient. Structure a sentence to politely thank the reader for his/her contribution to your business.

Ideally, in a thank-you letter, the giving of thanks finds a place after the salutation, but before the specific reason for thanking the reader is mentioned.

Specific reason

In order for your thank-you letter to have maximum emotional impact, clearly specify the reason why you are offering thanks to the reader. A specific and meaningful reason would have a greater effect than a vague one.

Specific benefit

Let the reader know, through your thank-you letter, what benefit you and your business received through his/her actions. Put it across clearly, in understandable terms, instead of being vague about it.


It is a good idea to enclose a gift coupon or any other present for the reader, along with the thank-you note. In this case, you should mention the enclosures you have made in your thank-you letter, indicating that they are a token of appreciation for the consideration shown to your business by the reader. Also, you should specify clearly in your letter what benefit the reader can get from the enclosed coupon or present, and how they can use it.

Hope for future

A good thank-you note should also include a hope for a long-lasting relationship with the reader. Express in clear terms your hope that the relationship between you and the reader blossoms further, and continues in future as well.