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How to create a green work culture

Thinking of going green too? You could start by introducing a green work culture in your organisation, and later add more ideas as and when possible. SupportBiz presents some tips for you to begin doing so.

Organise your trash

Set up separate bins for wet and dry waste near each employee workstation in the organisation. Encourage employees to throw paper, plastic and other recyclable items in the wet waste bin, and foodstuff and other garbage in the wet waste bin. Offering separate trash bins to employees will make sure that they are more willing to segregate their garbage, ultimately making it easier for you to recycle whatever trash can be recycled and use the wet waste for making compost.

Switch to eco-friendly supplies

Switch to office supplies that are green as soon as possible. Today, several office materials like paper and toners are available in eco-friendly options. Encourage your employees to use green materials as far as possible.

Switch off

Encourage your employees to switch off their computers when not in use. Ascertain that all systems are switched off when the office is locked up for the night. Also, help employees practice the switching off of lights and other electrical appliances whenever they are not using them, thus enabling saving of electricity and reducing your carbon footprint.


Educate your employees about the benefits of following green work practices, and encourage them to follow these practices to the best possible. Clearly inform your employees of the steps they would need to take to help you follow your ‘go green’ initiative.


Talk about the green initiative in your newsletters and e-mails, and encourage employees to come up with more ideas on how your organisation can do better in this regard.
Offer help to employees who are not willing to follow this initiative. If employees need a little time to adjust to the new routines, be patient and willing to wait till everything falls in place.