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Managing Growth

How can you take your business to the next level?

Each entrepreneur, one day, reaches that stage in his/her journey when he/she wants to take his/her business to the next level. However, taking your business to the next level is not something that you think about and just let it happen. It requires strategic planning and execution for your dream to turn into reality.

SupportBiz lists eight steps for you to take your small business to the next level of growth.

  1. Picture where you want to be.

You should start with trying to envision where you want your business to be in the next level. What do want to be doing in the next two or three years? Picturing the next stage with intensity will help you determine how you should reach there.

  1. Set up goals.

Once you know where you want to be, take the time to think about how you will reach that stage. Evaluate your strengths and your weaknesses, and determine how you will use your strengths and reduce the impact of your weaknesses. Think over the changes you will have to make in your business, in order to take it to the next level. Set up clear goals for these changes, and realistic timeframes within which to achieve them.

  1. Work towards achieving your goals.

Even the best-laid plan will not help you take your business to the next level, unless and until you work on implementing it. Work diligently and regularly towards achieving the goals that you have set up. Do not lose patience or become frustrated at any stage. Do not let over confidence stop you from moving ahead, either. Steady work towards achieving one goal after another is essential.

  1. Work as a team.

No firm can successfully achieve growth without the co-operation of its staff. Make sure that you clearly communicate your vision for the firm’s next-level growth to all your staff members. Ensure that they share your vision and values, and are ready to put in their best efforts towards the achievement of the set goals.

  1. Motivate.

It is essential to keep yourself and your team motivated at all times, in order for them to put in their best efforts. Keep reminding yourself and your staff of your vision for the firm’s next-level growth, and what this will mean to all of you. Celebrate small milestones, and recognise efficient workers. As you and your staff members climb towards the next level, ensure that you keep the journey as exciting as possible.

  1. Believe.

For you to achieve your goals effectively, it is crucial that you believe in yourself, your team, and in your strategic plan. Keep this belief firm at all times, and let it be the guiding light for you in difficult situations.

  1. Keep yourself and your team on track.

Ensure that you and your team follow your strategic plan every single day, and let it guide you in all decisions and actions. Live your plan, and motivate your team to do so, too. As the leader, it is your responsibility to ensure that the plan is being followed by everyone, religiously and regularly.

  1. Evaluate periodically.

At periodic intervals of time, evaluate your progress towards achieving the desired level of growth. This is the time to identify pain points and flaws in your plan, and figure out how to get over them. Make revisions in your goals at this stage, if required.