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How can you build credibility?

Building credibility for your business is crucial for its growth. Your potential customers will be ready to buy your products/services only if they believe in you. Venture capitalists will be ready to fund you only when they have trust in you and faith in your business idea. The community will accept you only when you are able to generate credibility for yourself.

SupportBiz lists some tips for you to build the credibility of your small business.

1.     Be transparent.

Be as transparent as possible in the running of your business. Make your production processes as simple and clear as you can. Encourage free communication and exchange of ideas between your employees. Ensure that the management is easily reachable and approachable for both the employees and any external parties.

When people are able to see exactly what you are doing, you will be able to generate a higher level of trust in yourself.

2.     Make true claims.

Nothing will take away from your credibility faster than people discovering that you have been making false claims. Avoid doing so, at any cost.

Only make those claims that are true and can be proved. For instance, if you claim to have hundreds of satisfied customers, ensure that you can get at least a few of them to speak up on your behalf, whenever the need arises.

3.     Be consistent.

Be as consistent as you can in the various dealings of your business. Keep the quality of your products/services consistent over time. Similarly, ensure that the behaviour of your staff with external parties and your communication with the outside world remains consistent.

Being consistent will give people a safe feeling about your business, and they will trust you more readily.

4.     Offer samples.

When you are a new entrant in an industry and need to build up credibility for your business, it is a good idea to offer free samples for your products/services.

This will give people a chance to experience your products/services without paying for them, and decide for themselves about their quality.

5.     Admit your mistakes.

If you realise that you have made a mistake, accept it. Do not try denying it when it is obvious that a mistake has been committed by you. That will only destroy your credibility.

Apologise to the concerned person about the mistake, and reassure them that you will rectify it the best way you can. Also, assure them that you will take steps to ensure that such mistakes do not occur again in future.

6.     Stick to your words.

It is important to stick to your words, if you wish to create credibility for your business. Make only those promises that you intend to keep, and make sure that you keep them at any cost. Ensure that you stick to all the business commitments that you make.

Once people notice that you are serious about your commitments, they will find it easier to trust you.