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How can you be frugal during your business travels?

The importance of business travel for growth cannot be underestimated. Travelling can help introduce your firm to new geographical locations, build lasting relationships with significant people in these areas, and gather precious knowledge about the likes and dislikes of target customers from these regions.

Travelling for business can, however, be an expensive proposition. Here are some tips for you, as a small business owner, to practice frugality on your business travels.

Book hotels directly, bargain

Book the hotel where you will be staying directly, instead of doing it through an agent or a travel website. Do not hesitate to ask for a lower room rate, particularly if it is off-season or if you are planning to stay for a long period.

Use public transport

Use public transportation services whenever possible on your business travels, instead of hiring a cab or auto rickshaw. If required, carry a route map with you so that you do not get lost. Take help in this regard from your hotel reception, if required.

Do not shop at airports

Shops at airports usually sell over-priced items. Avoid the temptation to shop at airports. Drink water at the airport or on your flight, instead of buying a bottle of water. If possible, carry healthy snacks like low-calorie cookies or breakfast bars with you, so that you can avoid buying high-priced snacks at the airport or on the flight.

Partner for cab rides

Try to partner with someone when you need to take a cab or an auto rickshaw to some place during your travels. This will help you split costs.

Cut down on alcohol

Resist the temptation to consume alcohol during your business travels. You can save a lot of money by doing so, and also keep yourself healthy.

Eat at local places

Find out local restaurants around your hotel that serve good food at reasonable prices, and eat there, instead of at high-priced eateries.

Carry some essentials in hand luggage

Carry clothes and other essentials for a day in your hand luggage. That way, even if your luggage gets lost during transit, you will have clean clothes to wear and will not have to rush to buy high-priced ones.

Talk to people

Travelling and staying alone in a hotel room can get lonely at times. In such circumstances, find your entertainment in talking to the people around you, instead of going out shopping or to watch a movie. Meaningful conversations with people can not only keep you occupied for hours, but also give you a lot of valuable information about the people in the area you are visiting.