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How can you avoid burn-out?

Being an entrepreneur is no easy job, especially if you are the owner of a small firm, with limited resources and a small team. You are required to don multiple hats at a time, causing an incredible amount of frustration and stress. It is easy to suffer from a case of entrepreneurial burn-out in these circumstances.

SupportBiz presents six simple tips to help you avoid entrepreneurial burn-out.

Watch out for warning signs

Keep an eye out for the early signs of burn-out, like unexplainable fatigue, lack of concentration or feeling unmotivated for a long time at a stretch. Ensure that you address these issues before they turn into a full-blown entrepreneurial attack.

Talk to people

There are few things that can cure burn-out better than a heart-to-heart talk with people who care about you. When you begin noticing the signs of entrepreneurial burn-out, it is a good idea to discuss your feelings with your loved ones – this could be your friends, colleagues or family. Consider their suggestions; they will definitely help you tide over the difficult times.

Connect with other entrepreneurs

Get in touch with other entrepreneurs, either through networking sites or through an association. Share ideas and experiences with them. It will motivate you to learn that other entrepreneurs have been through similar tough times as you, and have tided over them successfully.

Get a mentor

Get in touch with a mentor or business coach, and discuss your business situation with him/her. Carefully consider the suggestions that he/she offers you, and follow their instructions/plans. Business coaches/mentors can help you anticipate future obstacles well in advance, and put in place steps to deal with them, thus avoiding chances of entrepreneurial burn-out.

Take breaks

It is a good idea to take regular breaks from your work, wherein you pursue your other passions or just spend time with your family. These breaks will help you relax and rejuvenate you, especially during periods when the going is tough.

Remove your irritants

Recognise the factors in your day-to-day life that frustrate you to no end. Once you know what these irritants are, work hard to remove them from your life before you get overthrown by full-fledged entrepreneurial burn-out. For instance, if inventory control is your biggest nightmare, ensure that you get someone reliable to manage it for you, or figure out steps to help you manage it better.