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How to be a wonderful leader

You, as the CEO, are the leader of your small firm. You are the one person that your team looks up to for anything and everything. You are that person they would rely on to guide them. It is your duty to stand up to your image as a leader. Here are a few tips on how to be a wonderful, inspiring and effective leader.

Be punctual

Be perfectly on time for all your appointments, within and outside your organisation. Do not be late to events, except if absolutely unavoidable. This will help you to set an example of timeliness in your organisation, with your actions.

Be confident

Be confident about your mission and vision for your organisation, and have faith in your idea and your business model. Trust your team. Let your actions and speech reflect your confidence.

Be open

It is crucial for you to be open and receptive all the time. Be ready to listen to the suggestions and complaints of your employees, and make use of them.

Be receptive to new ideas, and willing to spend time thinking about them. Ensure that you do not get stuck in the rut of doing the same old thing over and over, and not thinking outside the box.

Be adaptive

Today’s business environment is highly volatile, and changes are an everyday affair. Hence, it is crucial for you, as a leader, to be adaptive to changes. It is your duty to make changes in your personal and professional life to suit changes in the business environment.

Be communicative

As the leader of your organisation, it is important that you be communicative. Be ready to talk to people within and outside your organisation. Being communicative is the key to networking, building lasting relationships with your employees, clients and vendors, and exchanging ideas. Be helpful Be helpful. Be kind. Be ready to reach out to people who need your guidance and your help within and outside your firm.

Be consistent

Be consistent in your words and actions. Stick to your words – both personally and professionally. Once you have made a commitment or a promise, do not turn away from it.

Be ethical

If you want to respected, you should be ethical, fair and just in your role. Ensure that you follow ethical business practices and that you do not cheat in any way or indulge in illegal or shady activities.

Be humble

If you want to be loved and supported as a leader, it is important that you be humble and friendly. Mingle with your employees, and be a friend and a mentor to them. Do not walk around with a ‘chip on your shoulder.’

Be accepting

In spite of all the planning and attention to detail that you or your employees put into tasks, mistakes can happen. Be ready to accept and forgive mistakes – your own and those of others – and attempt to rectify them.

Learn from mistakes, and ensure that they are minimised over time.

Be decisive

In order to get the most out of each business opportunity, it is crucial that decisions be taken fast – even those which look very difficult. Do not keep your employees guessing. Take balanced decisions fast and on time, after a rational thought process.