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Four tips to help you detect a lie

Entrepreneurs can save themselves a lot of trouble if they could spot a lie in time. If only they could know when a person is lying to them and when someone is telling the truth, they could be wary of false promises and steer clear of them.

SupportBiz presents five simple tips to help you, as an entrepreneur, detect a lie.

Watch for deviations from normal behaviour

The first step towards equipping yourself to spot someone's lies is observing how he/she behaves in normal circumstances. Notice the person's facial and hand expressions and speech while talking to him/her about ordinary things that have nothing to do with your business. This will help you determine if raising eyebrows and stammering are part of the person's normal conversational patterns, and not indicative of a lie.

Look out for any deviations from a person's normal behaviour when he/she is talking to you. This might indicate that the person is lying to you.

Listen to verbal and non-verbal cues

Listen carefully when a person is speaking to you. Watch out for verbal and non-verbal cues that indicate that the person is lying. For instance, failure to meet your eyes while talking or not answering a question directly might indicate that the person is trying to lie to you. If any gesture by a person seems doubtful to you, pay close attention.

Ask questions

When you find a person's gesture or manner of speaking doubtful, do not try to be a mind reader and peg him/her down as a lier right away. Ensure that you ask the person a number of follow-up questions, which will help you get as near to the truth as possible.


One way which can help you get the truth out of a person is by asking him/her, in a straightforward way, if he/she is telling the truth and should be believed. Confronting the person might put him in a spot, and help him/her confess. Of course, this is something that should be done with extreme tact, as there is the possibility of it backfiring on you.