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Five ways to prepare for a great 2013!

2012 is behind us, and a whole new year of opportunities and discoveries lie ahead of us. It would serve businesses well if they were prepared in advance to face 2013 and its challenges head-on. SupportBiz lists five ways to prepare for an awesome start to 2013.

Clean out your desk

The beginning of a new year is a good time to clean out the clutter on your work desk. Go through all the papers on your desk, and throw away whatever is not required any more. Organise and file away important documents, and transfer whichever of these you can to electronic ones.

Starting the new year with a clean desk will help you stay positive and fresh.

Organise your LinkedIn profile

Take the time to go through your LinkedIn profile, and remove yourself from all the mail listings that you no longer need. This will help you unclutter your e-mail. Also, remove yourself from all those groups which no longer support your interests.

Shortlist the people or organisations that you think can help you further your interests and achieve your goals in the year ahead, and get in touch with them. Start with sending them a new year greeting, and have a conversation with them.

The same applies to your Facebook profile as well.

Sum up the year past

Reflect on the year gone by, and make a list of the highs and lows that you faced. Write down the major achievements and failures of your business in the year past, and try to reflect on why they were your achievements and failures. Resolve to cash in on your strengths and improve on your weaknesses in 2013.

Unclutter your e-mail

Go through the mails in your inbox, and delete all the unnecessary ones. Organise the mails that are important into well-named folders. Take action on the e-mails that you have not had a chance to act on so far, and which still hold meaning.

Uncluttering your e-mail is a good way of clearing your mind, and starting the new year afresh.

Set your major goals for Quarter 1

Start the new year with a purpose by reflecting on and fixing your top five goals for the first quarter. Determining this will give you a direction to start your business journey for the year. Write down these goals, and the steps you will take to achieve these goals, and stick them in a place where you can see them every day. Concentrate on fulfilling these goals in time.