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Five tips to leverage your CSR initiative for maximum benefit

The importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) for a firm is unarguable. It helps you spread awareness about your business, and also do your bit for the society. It helps you gain standing as a firm with conscience.

It is important, however, to select the right kind of CSR initiative for your firm and leverage it in order to get maximum advantage out of your efforts.

SupportBiz lists some tips to help you choose the right CSR initiative for your business.

  1. Get physically involved.

It is not sufficient to merely lend your name to a social cause, and raise money for it. It is crucial that you and your employees get physically involved in working for the cause. The more you and your employees get personally and physically involved, the better will be the results that you receive. Moreover, your business gets more exposure that way. Also, motivation and morale levels among your employees will rise on knowing that they are working with a firm that really cares for social causes.

  1. Combine your marketing efforts and your CSR.

It is a great idea to combine your CSR efforts with the ones that you make to market your products/services. Attempt to raise money for your social causes through your marketing efforts. This way, you will create more awareness about your business, help your social cause, and will also improve your standing among society greatly.

  1. Choose your CSR initiative carefully.

Choose the CSR initiative that you would want to get involved in very carefully, after great thought. Select an initiative that resonates with your business philosophy and your products/services. All or most of your employees should agree with your CSR initiative and be able to contribute towards it. Rather than getting involved in a number of scattered initiatives and letting your efforts go unnoticed, choose one or two initiatives that will give meaning to your business and boost the morale of your employees.

  1. Do not give up.

Several companies undertake their CSR initiatives on a grand scale and then lose steam after a few months into it. Do not let this happen. Do not give up on your CSR efforts shortly, and give it your long-term commitment. Ensure that you allocate sufficient funds for these efforts, and continue to motivate your employees to participate in the same. Keep your employees aware of how they can contribute to the causes that you are involved in. A long-term commitment to your CSR initiatives will indicate to the society that you are serious about it and earn you immense respect.

  1. Get creative.

Do not restrict yourself and your employees to tried and tested ways of contributing to your CSR initiative. Get out of the box; think creatively of how you can go about it. Identify your strengths and weaknesses as a firm, and see how you can contribute the best to your chosen causes. The more different and creative you are, the more your business will get noticed.