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Five tips to help you deal with impatience

While doing business can be exciting at times, it can start looking like an endless test of your patience at other times. There can be times when you have to sit on the fence, not knowing whether the things you want to happen will happen or not. This can get to be a real strain on the nerves if you are impatient.

SupportBiz presents three simple tips to help you deal with your impatience in business.

Build up your attitude

Build up your attitude to help you manage your impatience better. Do not get frustrated with delays in achieving your goals, and periods of being in the unknown. Learn to focus on taking one day at a time, and keep taking little steps slowly and steadily, so that victory is even more sweet when, at long last, you do achieve your goals.

Plan well

Plan the activities that you need to undertake to achieve your goals well. Be aware of the time that each activity will take, and of the approximate timeframe it will take you to achieve your ultimate goals. This will help you manage your impatience in a much better way.

Acknowledge all achievements

It is all too easy to get caught up in the achievement of major goals, and not concentrate on the achievement of other, relatively minor, milestones along the way. Avoid this as far as possible. Concentrate on acknowledging every single achievement of your business – small or big – and celebrate them. This will take the edge off waiting endlessly for the achievement of the ends that matter a lot to you.

Include near and dear ones

Waiting periods in business can be painful if undertaken alone. Share your little victories and frustrations with someone who shares your dreams – colleagues, friends or family. A shared burden feels lighter, and will help you manage your impatience better.

Undertake alternative activities

You might wish to achieve your desired goals as early as possible; that is only normal. However, sometimes unexpected delays do happen, giving rise to periods of waiting and inactivity. Such periods can be extremely frustrating. However, what you could do is concentrate on the other activities you can undertake during such ‘slow’ periods - such as learning a new business skill, networking or hiring. You could spend the time doing something you have always wanted to do, but never really found the time for. This will help you reduce your frustration levels, and deal better with your impatience.