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Five tips that could help you save money

Given that startups and small businesses are funded through your hard-earned savings, every rupee saved can make a difference. A little patience and a little exploration can help you save precious money in hard times like these.

Here are tips that can help you hold on to your savings for a little longer.

Get free software /  take the open source route is a great website to browse for free software. If you have the patience, and the time, experiment with open source software because it is cheaper than proprietary software.

Join the local trade body

It helps to be part of an industry association / trade body from the very beginning. You get free invites to trade fairs and seminars which are great places to network; and hunt-down competitors! The association is the one-stop-shop to decode government schemes and policies without having to bribe anybody. And your association could also help you secure business loans with their partner bank.

Take the bus

Use public transport to traverse the city. Bus rides have improved a lot these days; and there is nothing to complain about commuter-rail (metro) services, wherever they exist. Not having to drive yourself gives you time to think and plan; browse the Internet and check mails on the go.

Buy second-hand equipment and could help you find cheaper deals on office equipment and everything else. A few hundred to a few thousand bucks saved on every purchase goes a long way when you’re tabulating expenses at the end of the month

Buy at wholesale stores

Every city has its share of wholesale stores, lined up on either side of a narrow street. Buy in bulk at these stores, enough for say three months or so, making the trip to and back from the store worthwhile.