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Five promises an entrepreneur should make

SupportBiz presents five promises that you, as an entrepreneur, should make to yourself. These changes will help you deal with the stresses of entrepreneurship in an efficient way, helping you adopt a positive attitude towards life in general.

I will be ethical

Promise yourself that you will be ethical in all your professional dealings, even though it might sometimes be difficult. Always indulge in fair trade, be fair to your competitors and employees. Do not take shortcuts. Dare to speak the truth at all times. Avoid the temptation to indulge in unethical measures - that might bring you instant success and money in your business, but in the long run, will only ensnare you in a complex web.

I will avoid distractions

You will be surprised at the amount and quality of work that you can achieve when you avoid distractions and focus solely on the task at hand when you are working. Distractions come in many forms - social media platforms, colleagues, TV and blogs, among other things. Learn to manage your distractions more effectively.

I will not blame others

Stop casting blame on others for difficult situations in business and bad decisions. Stop feeling helpless, and promise yourself to take your destiny in your own hands. Do something about the things and people who stop you from achieving your goals. If it is something in yourself, change it.

I will not get stressed out

In today's volatile business environment, it is all too easy to get frustrated and stressed out. Promise yourself to learn to manage your stress better, and do not let it pressure you and get the better of you. Do not let your stress affect your attitude, your work and your enthusiasm. When faced with challenges, learn to let go, calm yourself down, and see what can be done to save the situation.

I will not make excuses

It is all too easy to get caught in making excuses for things that are difficult to do. Excuses could vary from lack of money or resources to a fear of failure. Promise yourself to stop making excuses, to take charge of your destiny, and get going on the tasks that you think will take you to the top, but which you have been procrastinating on.